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New Beginnings... in a New Town

Monday, June 10, 2013

The last time I blogged was May 5th. I was anxious about moving to a new town and starting a new job. What a difference a month makes. I have officially moved to Lax and have been here for approximately a week. So far, I really like my apartment. It's really affordable, cute and most of all, MINE. The people here are super friendly. I have always lived in the midwest but this is the friendliest town, I swear. I did have ONE friend before I moved and well, now I am dating his best friend. I really like the guy. I also met his friends which I was nervous about. But, it was actually alot of fun and glad I didn't let my insecurities get the best of me.

Putting that aside, I am starting to get to know ME again. I am going to the gym, lifting and running. Before I moved, I was living in a very stressful situation with my ex-boyfriend. I find I even eat less since my move. Not being I am trying to lose weight and starving myself. No, rather I am not stressed and feel more hungry than I actually am. I am not stress eating. I am relaxed. I get to cuddle with a sweet guy that actually WANTS to cuddle and be around me. This is the most relaxed I have been BEFORE my internship. I think that is my favorite part.... being relaxed.

Next week, I will be going ton a trip for a pre-job training. I am a bit anxious since I have never been on an airplane. But, it should be fine. Than, after that, I work at my job. I am excited and anxious. All in all, it should be good.

So, if you were wondering where I disappeared off to.. now you know! I am debating on whether I want to pay for internet or just catch up emails every few days. So, if you leave me a comment on my wall or on a blog, which I love getting, but I don't get back to you for a few days... that's why! I guess I am starting to live my life out in the world rather than cyberspace. It's a really good feeling.
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