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Confusion reigns till tomorrow

Monday, June 10, 2013

So with excitement bubbling up in my heart I went off to weigh in tonight. We are officially one week into the cruise challenge. I wasn't in any doubt that I would not win tonight's weight loss because ALL these ladies are there for their first week which means loads of water loss. I'm into my 4th month and don't lose large volumes of water any longer. I will say that I was pleased with my .6g loss (that's not far from 1kg). My disappointment came when my readings were all wrong....or right, I've yet to discover which it is?

The scale says my body fat is up from 44.2 to 48 that's a MASSIVE JUMP.
Doesn't sound right??
It also says my body water has gone down from 40.2 to 37.8.
Again, how with all the water and hot lemon water and herbal tea I drink in a day....how is this possible?
My visceral fat has gone up from 13 to 14???
Can this be true considering that I go to boot camp every jolly morning???
My physical rating went from 57 DOWN to 52.9???
At this rate I'll need a wheelchair to go anywhere soon.
How can I be doing more and more at boot camp every day and get weaker?
My bone mass went down from 3 to 2.8.
I don't get it.
The harder I work, the fatter I get and the weaker. Well that's what those stats say?
I'm going to check with my boot camp trainer tomorrow.
My weight loss challenge lady feels that I probably am not getting enough protein. Really?
I eat protein with each meal, and each snack. She says I need even more because of boot camp every day which means I should be on a pure protein powder which is only 23 calories per 5g because I sure as heck can't eat MORE FOOD...I'll explode.

Ordinarily this wouldn't worry me, because I can see myself changing shape with my bare eyes. I can see the clothes lying in a bundle to go to charity because I don't fit in them anymore (too big for me now). My concern is that all these stats get fed into a computer and it deducts all those losses against my weight loss.......I can see my cruise sailing off without me.

I'm going to check the facts out, but ultimately if I don't get to go on a cruise....as long as I keep losing weight and feeling healthy, and get to exercise regularly...I will be content with that. The cruise was just the cherry on top. Still, I wont write it off unless I have to.
Let's see what Rico says tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am well, happy and doing great. So thrilled.
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    Sounds very confusing. I hope it gets sorted out because I think you should go on that cruise. But on a more serious note, I am sure you are doing a great job and that should matter most.
    1800 days ago
    Celeste, before you went to your meeting how were you feeling? Did you feel like your steps are more bouncy? You said you are doing more and more boot camp, how do you feel after your workouts? Your clothes are falling off you, so something must be right?

    Talk to your trainer. See what he has to say. Does he have a scale that does the same type of measurements? If so, ask him to redo them for you.

    Allow all your other good feelings to override this one time of "stepping on the scale". Allow yourself to be happy with what you have done. Your drinking water (I have a problem with getting mine in for the day), you are in "Boot Camp" (I wouldn't do that,I don't even like gyms). I'm proud of what you have accomplished. Don't let your ship sail from one small upset, keep it on the horizon.

    Take care, Debbi

    emoticon emoticon

    1804 days ago
    Are the measurements "off" for everyone else that was there or just you? That is really confusing! Let us know what Rico said.

    You can keep up the great job you have been doing! It is working great!
    1804 days ago
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    1805 days ago
    No, that scale is so lying. Let a 'biokenetikus' do a skin fold test and a 'water verplasings toets' on you. Those things are super accurate!
    Don't despair. Keep going,
    Add a LIFEGAIN SHAKE (fine for diabetics but please check for yourself)
    Just in case.
    That machine is not more accurate than eyes and common sense!
    1805 days ago
    I would question those stats too. Doesn't sound quite right.
    1805 days ago
    you don't get the cruise because of one bad weigh-in..

    oh and sparks say we don't need extra protein or carbs when working out but we do need more calories in total when you are working out ..
    especially if it is everyday.. and over 45 minutes in duration --intake of calories must go up.

    and more water..-lol don't float away..

    anyway think all that stats must have been off... don't give up and don't give in!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1805 days ago
    Oh Celeste'! I know that is all troubling. Were all these statistics gathered on the same machines etc as before? I KNOW for example that different scales can have different weights for the same person...depends on location, the scale itself and other variables..even the weather. Hope you get some good answers..but as you and the others said...your personal healthier self is the true prize, cruise or no, and measurements or not. emoticon
    1805 days ago
    Your right, it is confusing. Your right to remember that you are seeing wonderful changes and weight loss plus getting healthier. Hang in there and you'll get everything worked out right and then everything will fall into place emoticon
    1806 days ago
  • FARIS71
    I'd say the pile of too big clothes speaks way more loudly than the numbers. What an awesome name for a trainer - Rico!!
    1806 days ago
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