Monday, June 10, 2013

I've got to make some changes to my diet.

Things I've done well:
I've started eating breakfast every day

Here are my goals:
-Eating protein at every meal. Protein at breakfast is the hardest. Greek yogurt is ok. I've found it doesn't seem very filling though, and it gets expensive because I eat 2 at a time. It isn't terrible with Greek yogurt, but the lactose doesn't sit well with me. I've contemplated cottage cheese because it is slightly cheaper, though it also has some lactose and is quite high in sodium. I've started eating eggs, but I would like something to accompany them. Something sweet like fruity Greek yogurt would be ideal.

-Healthy snacks at work. Although I've started eating breakfast, which is a big accomplishment, I do get a little hungry midmorning. I'm pretty famished by lunch, which causes overeating. The same goes for lunch to dinner. I need to find a cheap, convenient snack to bring or have at work. Ideally, it will be portion controlled (I'll eat a whole bag of almonds) and not smelly (I work near others).

-A Healthy dinner. My goal is to cook dinner--a protein and some vegetables. If I'm going to be honest with myself, I do have the time to cook and clean every night. Heck, I really even have time to prepare a healthy snack for the next day. I'm just being lazy. Ideally, I'm looking for cheap, tasty, varying, simple meals to preapare in very small portions. I do not like eating leftovers.

-A healthy, low-carb evening snack. Still thinking about this one.

-Consume more calcium (and vitamin D). I don't know why exactly on this one, I think just because I'm getting older. It makes me feel so old to care about bone health, but whatever. I know I don't get enough calcium during the day since I avoid dairy products. I was at the store last night looking at Calcium sources. This is what I found. I've found some varieties of OJ have added calcium (about 25-35% of the daily amount). There are dairy alternatives--such as soy milk. I haven't really liked those products in the past, but I would consider giving them another shot. Calcium pills are out of the question. The pills are enormous, and I'm not good at swallowing pills. There are calcium chews and gummies (about 40-60% of the daily amount), but they are pretty pricey.

So that's that. It's all a bit overwhelming to me, so I've got to find a way to ease into these goals--probably one at a time. I know the goals, now I just have to think it over and make some plans (which is the harder part) and then stick to the plans (the hardest part)!

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
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    You can do this -- you got the plan and all you need to do is execute it.
    1808 days ago
    cheese sticks, oatmeal with nut butter,apple with cinnamon/honey, egg muffins (recipe online) uses eggs, veg, and source of protein (bacon/ham), shredded chicken w/bbq sauce in lettuce raps, cucumbers chunks cored with melon baller filled with chicken or tuna salad....air popped popcorn with cinnamon....rice cakes with nut butter topping

    1808 days ago
    Sounds like you are putting together a good plan - but the trick is to work with while working on it - all the planning in the world doesn't help if you don't start. :-)

    I found that I am much better with lactose/milk products after starting to take probiotics regularly - the flora and fauna in the guts really make the difference - and they help you get more from the food you do eat - so less supplements... Just a thought :-)
    1809 days ago
  • TLG71567
    Those sound like good goals. emoticon
    1809 days ago
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