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Monday, June 10, 2013

This was sort of a crazy week, but as usual, it all worked out.

We had a big show Saturday, which went really well. (Magenta really IS my color. And I only lost some pinky toe skin and bruised the balls of my feet, which is almost normal for me.) And of course we went out afterward, but I didn't overeat or overdrink, and even though I'd been lazy this week, I managed to get another 3500-calorie deficit for the week, with only a little bit of ridiculous cardio yesterday. (It wasn't that ridiculous -- it was a lot of layering 2 drilling that I should have been doing all the while anyway.)

I knew I had lost a little more weight by the rings test :) It's hard to judge sometimes, especially if I'm training hard (and sweating buckets) or if I'm spending a lot of time working out outside, because that throws off the water balance. But I knew I'd done the math right, and my Mom kept commenting on how much smaller I looked, so I figured I'd done something right.

This week's goal is more organized cardio (maybe getting back to Tae Bo?) and more structured dance practice, plus a healthy prepared meal on Tuesday. I'm thinking Chicken Picata with fresh Green Beans. That's something we can all eat.

We went to Roadhouse yesterday with the grandparents and I stayed inside my pre-determined menu like a good girl :) It works out well when I calculate the calories in what I eat BEFORE we actually go out. That left me able to have dinner rolls but no alcohol, which was fine.

I spent a decent amount of time studying this week. This week's chapter is more interesting, but then it gets harder and more detailed. But I'm bound and determined by the end of this 20 weeks to be 20 pounds lighter and certified as a GFI. No excuses this year! I WILL DO IT!!!
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