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Help, what's going on?

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm not used to weighing myself every day. So to say I weighed myself today just to make sure I was on track - and the last time before that was on Saturday. So how can I gain 0.6kgs since then?

Ok we went on a trip to an amusement park. We ate junk food.

But - and this is a big but - we walked a good 7 miles because that place was huge -and I even tracked it on my smartphone to be sure how far I'd walked and how long, at what speed and how many calories were burnt.

I ate 1,777 kcals that day -Saturday and walked for a good 375kcals worth. The range set by sparkpeople for my maintenance is 1660-1990kcals per day. I'm going into deficit on Saturday, as my BMR is 1700.

I'm going 375 into minus - then how can I gain 0.6kgs?

Next day I ate 2400kcals and we walked a lot less, but still walked about 175kcals worth.

So for Sunday - 2400 - 1700 BMR = 700kcals over

700kcals - 175kcals =525kcals

counting in the deficit from the day before: 525-375 = 150kcals over budget.

How can 150kcals bring about a scale change of 0.6kg?

Here is the reason I only weigh myself weekly - and maybe I should continue doing so even throughout weight maintenance.

It's probably water weight - but the fat % is up by 2 % and the water is down by 1%, so it's not making much sense right now.

I was 64.5kg on Saturday - am 65.1kg right now.

Weekly progress:

2 Weeks ago: 64.3kg
1 week ago: 64.6kg (0.3kg gain)
This Satuday: 64.5kg (0.1kg loss)
Today: 65.1kg (0.6kg gain)

they say we fluctuate 2.2lbs or 1kg day to day - but for me it doesn't make sense - why do we fluctuate and why is this happening?

I think I will go back into weight loss mode - it's a lot more predictable - and lose another 1kg or so to leave a bit of wriggle room because 65kgs is too close for comfort to a heavy range for me.

I will now aim to drink 8 glasses of water, which I haven't been doing sincerely before.

Once I reach 63kg I will increase my calories gradually by 250 per week and see where exactly my calories allow me to stabilize. I read this in an artcile today by a nutritionist - sounds like it's better than aiming for 1990kcals as per sparkpeople because it is just an estimation - maybe a smaller range is better for me.

Note: I noticed on this trip - I saw all sorts of desserts and foods that would have been tempting before - but I didn't feel this "urge" to have them and I was only keen on them once I was actually hungry. Also had good portion control - most foods were very heavy calorie so even a little cranked up my calories in the tracker.

I've never walked 7 miles in 2.5 hours before either - could the weight gain be a reaction to this exercise perhaps?

I will probably know the answer to this mystery by next week this time.

I'm going to err on the side of caution and stay in weight loss mode until I reach 63kg. 1kg below goal weight to give a bit of flexibility for such setbacks and such.

Honeymoon phase was correct - but I haven't really started maintenance in the true sense yet, I'm just being jittery right now I guess.


It's now 5 hours since I last weighed - and now it's saying: 64.6kgs - how strange...someone elaborate, I'm not understanding much of this.
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    Hi! Hang in there - it could be water retention. Stress can also cause you to retain water. Drinking more water is a great idea. I think that as long as you're within calorie range and are exercising, just breathe and let go of scale fluctuations. emoticon emoticon
    1804 days ago
    Ultimately you can't rely on the number on the scale in a matter of weeks because of weight fluctuation. A more accurate measurement of gain or loss would be to do it monthly. In my opinion, weighing weekly is just about as accurate as weighing daily. You just can't get a very good picture from it. Its better to measure based on strength you feel, how clothes fit and tape measurements.
    1804 days ago
    Calories in - calories out determines your long term change in weight. That is why a consistent calorie deficit leads to weight loss until you either increase your calories or your body adjusts to the point where the calories in equals the calories out.

    Your daily fluctuations are more due to changes in your water intake and retention. If you drink your 8 glasses of water a day, that is 4 lbs of water right there. Much of that is released through sweat or elimination, but lots of factors can lead to a net water gain or loss. Extra sodium, water retention in the muscles, extra sweating, or any number of other factors can impact your water levels. Also, most body fat scales use electrical resistance. Changes in you sodium levels and water levels will affect your body's electrical resistance.

    If you continue to use the scale daily, work on not putting too much on daily changes (i.e., not getting emotionally or motivationally tied to the daily scale measurement ). It is an OK indicator, but there is too much noise (measurements going up or down due to other factors). Look at the week to week or month to month trends rather than focusing on the daily value.

    Good luck! It sounds like you are doing the right things, be patient and continue to do the right things and you will reach your goals!
    1804 days ago
    As a confirmed "daily weigher" and long time maintainer, I can only advise you not to stress about small fluctuations. Our bodies are all different and sometimes there's no clear explanation.

    Sometimes I'll see a sudden jump even though I've been doing everything right. I still prefer to weigh daily because if that "sudden jump" occurred after a week or month of not weighing, I might think it's significant and get down on myself.

    Day to day fluctuations don't bother me, but if I see a trend that's up, up, up then it's time to seriously look at what I'm doing. I don't ever what to go back to where I was and this way I can turn things around before they get too far out of hand.
    1805 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Exercise can cause water retention in your muscles. I cannot explain the scale fluctuations could be sodium. Just keep staying on track and stay focused.

    1805 days ago
    It could be the sodium from the junk food. Also, when you exercise... your muscles temporarily retain water while they repair themselves.
    emoticon emoticon
    1805 days ago
    1805 days ago
    I am going through the same thought process. I find that when I exercise hard - my weight goes up. I believe it is because I perceive I've exercised alot I can eat more. When I don't exercise I tend to lose or maintain the weight may be because I try to control my portions to compensate for lack of exercise.

    But I'm back in the saddle again.
    1805 days ago
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