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Monday 6/10/2013 Assortment

Monday, June 10, 2013

When Justin was younger, he hated going to weddings because his aunts and uncles would always come up to him, poke him in the ribs, laugh, and say, “You’re next, Justin!” But he figured out how to make them stop: by doing the same thing to them at funerals.
What famous entertainer—a familiar face at the Oscars—penned the 2009 mystery Murder at the Academy Awards?

Comedian Joan Rivers, with coauthor Jerrilyn Farmer.
Two in-jokes from Michael J. Fox’s Spin City

* Fox’s Back to the Future costar Christopher Lloyd guest-starred on Spin City as Owen, a politician who mentored Fox’s character, Mike. After the two old friends embrace, Mike says, “This is like stepping back in time!” Lloyd, as Owen, replies in his trademark gravelly voice, “The past is prologue, Michael. Men like us have to keep looking … to the future!” Mike asks, “What the hell are you talking about?” Lloyd replies, “I don’t know.”

* On Fox’s final episode of Spin City, he references the role that made him famous: Alex, the conservative son of liberal parents on Family Ties. Mike complains about a Republican Congressman named Alex P. Keaton, remarking, “What a stiff!”
“The real ‘seven words you can’t say on TV’ are ‘and the Emmy goes to Bob Saget.’”—Jeffrey Ross
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