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Wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Yesterday, I must have really needed to rest - I did yard work, bought larger tomato cages and set them up, started weeding the garden, made an early supper and fell asleep to the sound of an afternoon thunder storm!

This morning, I got up around 7:00 a.m., made some good coffee, and enjoyed the morning - The backyard is positively enchanting as the sun begins making an appearance!

I had promised my friend, Tricia, that I'd call around 8:00 a.m., and we agreed to meet for breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

After a good breakfast and even better conversation, I headed home. Today, I had more weeding and hilling-up to do in the garden, and I was determined to fix that pesky sprinkler head that's been watering my neighbor's lawn! My friend, Tina, called and came over - She's really good at fixing stuff, and had helped me with the sprinkler head that my dumbass ex BF's son broke last summer. That one was snapped off and we had to glue another piece on before we could re-install the sprinkler head. This one proved to be a little more challenging.

So we take turns digging out the sprinker head......for some reason, this old one will not adjust. It either sprays in a 270 arc, or when it got tired of that, just sprays in one stationary position. Not good. Not good at all! So we unscrew the old one to see what we have to go buy, and since we don't have a 3/4" end cap, have to make notes and screw it back in. Off to Lowes....yay.

Now, understand that while we're digging out the sprinker head, the sky is clouding up, preparing for the afternoon thunderstorm. Which begins with a vengeance on our way to Lowes. When we get back home, the rain has slowed, and we install the new sprinkler head - now to start the sprinkler system and adjust it! Right. No sooner to I get the system on and the zone operating the bottom falls out again, and we're trying to adjust that sprinkler head in a downpour!!! That's just not working for us, so into the house we go until the storm subsides. When it stopped, we finally got the new sprinkler head adjusted, and when the sun came out, there was a lovely breeze! We sat out on the patio, drank Corona lights, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon!

Tina left around 4:00 p.m., and I started dinner: Boneless pork loin chops braised in mojo, brown rice, and fresh picked green beans and yellow squash from the garden!

And now, I'm enjoying the last of the evening light - it's 7:40 p.m., and the day is back to that majical place where if you are very, very still, and you look closely, you can see the fairies dancing in the garden!

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    The adventures of the sprinkler head! emoticon Thank goodness you were persistent and got it done! I would have given up first rain dump! emoticon The hubs is NOT Mr Fix-it. But I don't take on the yard work considering I do all the hanging of the curtains, painting of the walls, moving of the furniture, paying of the bills, all the bookkeeping for the gallery, and 99% of the cooking. Ditto all of that for the consignment gallery..less the cooking.

    Geeze...after typing all of THAT...I think I need a raise! emoticon I've lost interest in our yard not knowing what is going to happen on the house situation...why improve it for some opportunist?

    You are a wonder woman my friend...a super wonder woman unaware! I'm so happy you have good friends to tackle stuff with you! emoticon emoticon

    Oh...and I totally agree about the sunlight...my favorite thing is watching it pass through the trees on the wetlands behind our house...simply magical! Reminds me of when we had our little cabin in the woods up in N. Carolina. I LOVE my trees! YES I do! emoticon
    1803 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/13/2013 8:47:20 AM
    Good Morning .. one thing for sure you can never say your life is dull .. always one adventure after another .. perfect ..
    Your yard certainly does look amazing and loved .. and the fairies dance on the dew .. you can hear them if you put your ear close ..
    Yes magical and amazing ..
    We have had a lot of rain here as well ..
    With the twister warnings .. good thing there is lots of open space or there would be lots of damage..
    The adventures of the sprinkler duo .. we all need friends who will tackle anything ... I have Heather in my life she is just like that .. sinks .. cars .. garage doors she will tackle it .. it has kinda back fired for her though because her hubby Ron does zip now .. has the efficient little woman to take care of everything .. the two of them are a blast .. he is 6 6 she is 5 feet .. but the 60 inch lady rules the roost .. says exactly what is on her mind and will up and slap the big brute on the back when ever he really needs a tuning in .. they have been married for 40 years so they have battled through all of life's turns and twists ..
    We all need fearless friends .. they motivate us and give us that "you can do it " attitude that sometimes gets lost in our own insecurities ..
    That little pineapple is the cutest thing I have ever seen wow .. and your blueberries the fairies have really tended to them to bring them back to life ..
    Yesterday and again today I'll be at my Moms .. I'm installing a new furnace and air conditioner for her .. she wont spend her money so I'm helping her .. she turns 80 in August and has been b'ing about the heat of summer for over 20 years (ever since she moved into her house ) so time to bloody well get it done .. it certainly will add value to her home in the long run .. after spending the day there yesterday I felt like hitting my head on the floor for an hour after I got home .. Holy Crap that woman can talk .. I prefer silence and speak when you are done the job but oh no !! Cleaned up her Virginia Creepers that climb up her deck .. then cleaned the deck and tidied up inside for her ..brought her to the farm for lunch and a tour of the garden and animals and to show her my new motor home ...
    So back to her house in a couple of hours just making her a chicken pot pie .. she gave me the hint yesterday about understanding why people die .. lordy lordy .. "they get tired of cooking " doesn't get much plainer than that ..lol
    Have a fantastic Tuesday my dear ..
    Congrats on planning some time off .. good for you .. you should include something wild and wicked too ..lol
    1805 days ago
    LOL - I don't think I could actually do that - I'm taking a week off at the end of July with the plan to relax a little. That usually means that once I'm done with all the necessary projects around here, I'll get bored and start something else. I'm hoping that I'll have a large enough amount of ripe Roma tomatoes to can one of those days! emoticon
    1806 days ago
    Sounds like a good day overall. I think it is time you take one full day to rest and relax.
    1806 days ago
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