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Saturday, June 08, 2013

I like mapping things, apparently ( wp.me/p1N36Q-4b ).

When I had my Frosted Brownie Setback last Sunday ( wp.me/p1N36Q-9R ), I received a lot of advice on what to do differently next time – mostly around organizing myself and avoiding the bakery section of my grocery store. It looks like even the runDisney blog offers some helpful advice on navigating the aisles ( www.rundisney.com/blog/a

But I actually consider myself one of the most organized grocery shoppers I know. I check my pantry to see what I have on hand first, make a meal plan for the week, list out what I need to make that plan happen, and check my coupon list to see what fits in. I even bring my own grocery bags minimize environmental impact (and also get a $0.05 credit for each bag re-used on my grocery bill! I heart discounts.).

I also have never been in a grocery store where the bakery was avoidable. It’s always on the perimeter:

This is my usual store, Shop Rite. I know it's probably really hard to tell, but I'm hoping you can see where I’m headed – produce (you might be able to make out a tomato way back there or a banana) – but I must walk through bread, pastry, and cookies before I get there. Unavoidable.

Not pictured – ACME – but there, the produce aisle dumps you right into the bakery. Unavoidable.

Here at Stop and Shop – the scene of the latest frosted brownie debacle – you can see I’m leaving the meat section. But in order to get to dairy, I must walk past the bakery. Fortunately, no baked goods were set out today. Again, unavoidable.

There is one grocery store that stands out above the rest in regards to support of the Wheat Belly lifestyle – and that’s Wegmans. Those who live in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey know the glory that is Wegmans. When I lived in Connecticut and California, it was of critical importance that I go to Wegmans any time I was back in New Jersey (even if it meant driving an extra 30 minutes out of the way).

So now that I’m back in New Jersey, you’d think I’d be there all of the time – but 30 minutes out of the way is now an inconvenience for me. I can drive 30 minutes in any direction from my house and hit a Wegmans. In all honesty – it’s actually very conveniently located near where I work, but usually I can be found on the treadmill in the evening, not at the grocery store. Then I need to get home so I can eat dinner at a reasonable time. Doesn’t really leave me much time to grocery shop after work, but I get there when I can.

The main entrance of every Wegmans I have ever visited leads you right into produce, and it’s easy to skip the bakery. But while it’s easy to skip the bakery, you may still find yourself nearby in the prepared foods section – their prepared foods are pretty awesome. All of the foods on the hot bar are clearly labeled with allergens, so finding Gluten Free isn’t difficult.

Wegmans also has a really robust organic, natural, and Gluten Free foods section. They make one of my favorite sweets – organic date rolls. Better than any candy bar you can get! They also have a “Trail Mix Bar” where you can create your own mix – but it’s kind of pricey at $5.99/lb. The prices at Wegmans in general can be high, but if you are just there for the staples – milk, eggs, produce – it’s not bad. And they have a Wegmans Brand of – well, everything – that’s pretty high quality and reasonably priced. Hands down the best grocery store, so if you ever have a chance to swing by, I highly recommend it.
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    omg You bring back memories! I was on a job in NJ for 3 years a while back, and Shop Rite was my usual, too. Then, across the highway was PathMark. And just around the corner was...save me! A & P!!! They knew me on sight at Shop Rite. They roasted their own beef in house during my stint in Northland...and I'd get their salt bagels (why can't you get salt bagels here? or even a decent REGULAR bagel?) (not that I'm allowed bagels, alas) and a big heap of their super-rare roast beef, then zap a few slices in the microwave with some consomme and have a french-dip sandwich. sheesh I'm drooling.

    And A & P ... well. All I can say is, I've NEVER seen the variety of rotisserie chickens that they sold. There was only me and the kitty there - I could hardly get one of every version that appealed to me! the kitty would smell it before I could even get in the door, and be in his "appointed place" in the chair opposite me at the dining room table, awaiting my slow progress in dismembering the bird and sharing the "kitty bits" with him! He was very polite. He'd have clearly liked to jump right up on the tabletop and *help* me! But he rarely did more than occasionally sit up on his haunches and delicately place one little paw on the table edge. What a good boy. But then, he did get those "kitty bit" rewards!

    I could barely stand the aroma from the Shop Rite bakery, too. It's really not fair. Hey! here's a thought! I, coming from the horse community, recall applying Vicks goo to the inside of stallions' noses so we didn't have to put up with their nonsense when riding in mixed groups on trails. Perhaps that would work for carb-addicted humans in bakeries?!?

    1807 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Just because the produce is behind the bakery section doesn't mean that section is unavoidable. If you'd be willing to drive for 30 extra minutes, couldn't you walk more than you really need to? In my stores, I know which aisles have things like shampoo or other non-food items and when I'm feeling vulnerable, I use them to get to the back even if it means backtracking or walking farther. Small price to pay. But I don't have to much anymore. Most previous binge foods just don't have as loud a call anymore, so the habit of not choosing them has become stronger. But it took more than a year.
    1809 days ago
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