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South Beach Phase 1 / Week 2

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Day 8:
Yay it's the weekend!
Breakfast : fresh omelet with leftover roasted broccoli and 2 crispy turkey bacons. Vanilla flavored Coffee with coconut milk and stevia
Breakfast was a little late this morning so I skipped the snack and had lunch instead
Leftover steak and mashed cauliflower and RF sour cream.
Had some more coffee with the husband who finally rolls out of bed. ;)
I'm down to the "not enough food for snacks but plently of other things" again but this is the perfect time to evaluate what I am buying. I know I tend to purchase more of some things and not enough of another so fixing that right quick.
Afternoon snack was a half size berry almond salad from Wendy's, picked out the fruit (sob!) and used the spray vinaigrette. And followed up with the almonds.
For dinner I made an old favorite, with ground turkey cooked up with chopped zucchini, spinach and mushrooms topped with RF mozz.
See, here's where I did something stupid. I decided to eat the nutty bars again, and guess what it was not pretty. I had the worst stomachache and my head hurt so bad. But I'm glad I had that experience, I won't be eating those ever again!!
So I waited for that problem to pass and had some ricotta creme, and felt much better. So much for the weekend binge! LOL

Day 9:
Ah Sunday, a fresh start. Coffee was ready when I woke up thanks to the programmable coffee maker my parents left when they last visited (yes, i live the stone age-used to use a french press and teapot to make coffee)
Breakfast, I made 2 over-medium eggs on a bed of chopped spinach and turkey bacon. Delicious. I feel great!
With the weekend, my day isn't as structured but I try to stick by some kind of schedule. I missed lunch although breakfast wasn't that late, we were doing stuff around the house and grocery shopping, I just lost track of time. When we got home and food put away, I had a snack since it was a normal snack time.
For dinner, we roasted a whole free range chicken (was our first time, it was yum!) and roasted some fresh green beans (also yum!)
Dessert was ricotta creme with vanilla and orange extract. Tasted like a creamsicle. :)
Husband made a sandwich and was toasting the bread. I just about fell out. It smelled heavenly. Didn't make me want to eat it though, just enjoyed the smell. I was being tortured by tortilla chips but I put them away. Out of sight, out of mind!

Day 10:
For breakfast the next few days, I made the vegetable quiche muffins from the SBD cookbook. I'm not a huge fan of bell peppers and onions together (mainly it's the smell, not so much the taste).
Snack the usual, celery and almond butter. but my favorite.
I found myself to be bloaty this morning, even gained 2 lbs but it being a week before my TOTM, I'm not surprised. A little worried but it's temporary. I just need to remember to drink up water and go easy on the added salt (although I should be doing that anyway, I need to be extra careful).
Lunch is the Italian turkey leftovers. I have to eat that up before it goes bad. :)
Afternoon snack was greek yogurt w/ stevia and vanilla & almond extract.

I noticed that before starting SBD, I needed antacids like every day (sometimes more than once). I have had no acid reflux and no stomach bloating (except today and the other couple times when I didn't eat good food.) Yay! no more tums for me!

Okay, sorry I've been bad about updating. After Tuesday, PMS kicked in and I just didn't have the energy. The pluses, I ate good meals, snacks, and exercised for 20-25 mins every day except Thursday. There was a storm coming and we lost power and I was just beat. The negatives, I snacked on foods that I shouldn't have had in the house anyway. And not having the willpower, but not even the desire, I still ate the junk. But I think it was still in some moderation, even. No where near what I would do in the past. Most of it was sugar cravings but none for bread or pasta (a real success though!). But I can't sugar coat it (ha-ha), I wouldn't say I fell off the wagon, I'm still hanging on. I'm really trying hard not to beat myself up about this. It's a journey and sometimes there are "scenic routes" but we get back on the road, and keep going.

I believe my PMS problems have passed for now, I will continue another week of Phase 1 with renewed confidence.

And I moved down a notch on my belt ;) I'll get there! Weighing in tomorrow.
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  • CLOGAN618
    Hi Okie30!
    Not really, especially not like I used to have. I'm clear headed enough to know when it's hunger or emotional. Which makes it so much easier to handle. Whew!
    1812 days ago
  • OKIE30
    Go girl, any cravings?
    1812 days ago
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