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In control....feels SO good.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

I must admit that I am finally in control (or currently in control is safer to say) since I cannot predict the future. Either way, its really a good feeling. I also know that I haven't suddenly developed newly discovered self control or any other kind of magic. The magic lies in that the cleaner I eat, the more veggies, lean proteins, fruit etc I eat, the less I crave anything.
I must say that I have also chosen a meal replacement for two of my meals. This works for me because hubby does not eat in the mornings, and so cooking anything healthy is a waste in my house. By the same token, when I eat in the evening, I feel uncomfortable and for some reason, it leaves me feeling like I want more food. Please don't ask me to explain....I don't know?
It could be linked to emotional troubles I had as a child...but whatever the reason, Im finding going to bed on a meal replacement shake much better for me.

My midday meal and snacks are the ones I have to really watch what I do and its in those that I chose lean protein and I chose a variety so my body gets all the nutrients it needs. I also eat plenty of veggies and 2-3 fruits a day.

I hear from others at my weight loss challenge class how they struggle on weekends, how they struggle to drink all the water necessary, how they struggle to find foods at restaurants that are healthy but not exorbitant in price. For the here and now, I don't struggle with any of those.
Weekends are just another day when it comes to eating.
At restaurants I ask for poached eggs instead of fried or scrambled, I ask for rye toast and instead of bacon I get 8 cherry tomatoes.
Since I don't drink fruit juice, milk shakes and the like, drinking water is easy. I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day (sugarless of course) but for several weeks now I've switched to hot lemon water and leave a tip all the same, so it matters none to the staff what I drink.

As I said, it really is a good feeling to be in charge and its not miraculous. I plan to continue eating healthy foods and enough of them too. Some days I feel like I have eaten like a horse, yet just reach 1200 calories, sometimes not even quite that much. And if you look at my food tracker, you will see I TRULY AM EATING PLENTY of wholesome foods.

Anyway, I found a wonderful spoon which I'm thinking of marketing. What do you think of it?


My weekend was fairly quiet since hubby is now sick so not much going on. I missed a launch of a new company with its cheese and wine and other snacks because I didn't want to leave my poor sick hubby home alone. Anyway....there probably wouldn't have been much I could have or rather would have eaten. There is simply nothing that is going to be worth chucking the effort I've put in all week long....and I want to win the cruise. emoticon
As it is, the scale won't be kind to me this week (its doubtful it will) but not because I've made bad choices, but because I have been to boot camp every day this past week and muscle does seriously weight more than fat. But in the long term, all that muscle will burn the visceral fat (fat around the vital organs for anyone who doesn't know) so it will be worth continuing.

Hope all you sparkers are having a good weekend too.
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