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And What Makes an UNhealthy Day - another RB/LB conversation

Saturday, June 08, 2013

So. Yesterday I crashed my Healthy Living streak into a ditch. In a weird way I sort of watched it happen - watched my Left Brain School Marm and my Right Brain Wild Child derail it. Perhaps it would be good to listen in on their conversation and see if they'll come up with an idea or two to prevent this from happening again.

emoticon LB Hey Hey Hey! What the ... is going on?

emoticon RB Spare Ribs! gnom gnom gnom

emoticon LB Stop! What is happening?!!

emoticon RB Gawd I'm sleepy - gimme some ice cream!

emoticon LB No! Stop! Back! Stop!

emoticon RB Crayons. I want Crayons!

emoticon LB Oh law. I am going back to bed. You go ruin our lives all by yourself

emoticon RB No! Help! I don't know what's happening. You're supposed to help me. Make the lists. fix it all!
Waaaah. This is all your fault!

emoticon LB You're nuts. I can't fix you. You're crazy. And if we turn into balloons it will be All Your Fault!

emoticon RB No it's not! All I wanted was a bite of spare ribs. A bite! One measly bite! It was you who decided that it was healthier to buy pulled pork and then save money with the daily special just so Himself could have some dinner too. You were the one who felt guilty because we didn't want to cook last night.

emoticon LB Well I can't buy one bite of spare ribs. It's not sold that way. and enough baby backs for himself and me would cost too much

emoticon RB It's only money. We have tons of money. Why would't you pay $30 to stay slim? Wouldn't anybody?

emoticon LB Easy for you to say. Besides himself doesn't like spare ribs that much. I had to buy something he would eat too.

emoticon RB So what? Don't we count? That's what I WANTED and it's what YOU wanted, but you ruined it all by getting what we DIDN'T want just to save money and please somebody else.

emoticon LB Well cry-mi-nee. Just how greedy and rude do you want to be? Was I supposed to just feed me last night and let Himself fend for himself? Besides. I didn't ruin it all. I didn't eat it. WE did.

emoticon RB Oh. Well. You can't put pulled pork on a plate and expect me to ignore it.

emoticon LB Great. Just go eat that stuff and fatten us right out of all our hot hot hot clothes, you wild child you.

emoticon RB Well Miss Smarty Pants School Marm, if you know so much why didn't you stop and listen to me and come up with a good idea. I'm not the thinker around here. I'm all about the FEELINGS.

emoticon LB Oh. Yes. Well. Hmmm. Yeah. You're right. I didn't stop to find out how you were feeling - besides wanting the spare ribs and I thought I was giving you enough when I bought them. I'm sorry I didn't give you enough time to get comfortable with my thoughts and decision.

emoticon RB Yeah. Well. You did get the spare ribs for us, but by then I was so frantic that I gobbled up all the Other Stuff too. I'm sorry about that.

emoticon LB (Hugging Wild Child Self) It's ok. it was a screw up by both of us but it began when I decided to ignore our feelings. Today we will begin again and we'll do better.

emoticon RB (snuggling close to Thoughtful School Marm Self) Okay. I'm ready to begin again. Thanks for understanding.

emoticon LB (clasping her hands and looking thoughtful) So what can we do next time - so that I don't run roughshod over your feelings - so that you'll get what you want without feeling like you have to gobble everything in sight?

emoticon RB You have to say yes to me. You have to give me what I want.

emoticon LB Yeah, but I can't always give you exactly all you want.

emoticon RB Well - you have to make some suggestions to me - offer a compromise I like.

emoticon LB I tried to do that yesterday.

emoticon RB Yeah, but you knew how I was FEELING about that compromise. I didn't LIKE it. You should have waited till I agreed that it was a GOOD compromise, not just steamroller me by THINKING I would come around. It's not a GOOD compromise till you can FEEL how happy I am with it.

emoticon LB (Giving Wild Child Right Brain a twinkly look) But I'm all about the thinking part of us.

emoticon RB Yeah? so what did you THINK about how I felt? 'Cause if sure FELT like you didn't care.

emoticon LB (Looking chastened) Oh. You are right. I did do that. I thought "no this is good enough" as soon as you sent me the bad feeling about my decision. Now I really AM sorry. That was cheating us both.

emoticon RB (smiling sweetly) Thanks for understanding - and thanks for the apology.

emoticon LB So how about this - next time - I don't act till you send me the IT'S OKAY GOOD IDEA feeling. Even if I am tired or in a hurry. I'm never in THAT big a hurry. No matter what the weird craving - I'll listen till you send me the green light feeling.

emoticon RB Oh. I like that.

emoticon LB Great. So. How about we go work out at the gym this morning?

emoticon RB Now you're talking. I REALLY like that!

* * * * *

Well, it looks like my Left Brain School Marm and my Right Brain Wild Child have made some progress this morning. Nonetheless - I hope we don't have another day like yesterday any time soon.
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