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Friday, June 07, 2013

This blog is a S.M.A.R.T Goals Blog as required by our BLC Teams
emoticon to create our own...:::Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound Goals:::... emoticon

For me, my season right now doesn't hold any major issue. I seek BALANCE as I Maintain my fitness and nutrition goals. I've developed healthy routines and menus that fit our family's lifestyle, and I want to maintain those....::learning to use any new &/or improved tool emoticon as I journey on:::...

emoticon ....::::Overall Goals Already Established::::.... emoticon

:::: I will continue to TRACK every BLT ( bite...lick....taste )
:::: I will continue to "do my fitness thing"; it works for me
:::: I will continue to get enough rest at night ( 7-8 hours)
:::: I will weigh myself 1x/week
:::: I will stop and take time for me

The only SPECIFIC Goals I have currently are lengthening my running distance.

6 weeks ago, I was running 2 miles 2x/week for pleasure. Then I realized that I wanted to run a longer distance; so, I asked my Jeff Galloway buddies for advice and through this avenue of support, I created a way to train for a emoticon distance.

This Sunday, I will RUN that emoticon!! ....:::my longest run to date.

My evolving goal is to increase my running mileage & I have no idea just HOW far that will take me. But YOU will be the first to know when I know. LOL!!

I also have a goal to lose 3-5 pounds and STAY there in that range.

Long-term-wise, I'd like to lose 2 more inches from my hips, but we shall just have to see about that. emoticon emoticon

I have to SAY that I am currently learning just WHAT my ideal body measurements, weight zone and body fat % is a challenge for me to set aside what the NORM says I should weigh/measure/etc.....and EMBRACE what is MY Ideal. emoticon That is in and of itself my ultimate challenge.

Perhaps I have it all wrong, and it is NOT meant to BE a challenge. It may be that my body will settle into an "ideal" place without ME "working" at it.

A friend of mine said today that "listening to your OWN body" is sometimes the BEST teacher. Books just don't have ALL the answers. In the end, YOU must decide. So, that's where I'm at right now. I'm at rest mentally, embracing "where" I'm at and looking forward to "whatever" the future brings!

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