Really Motivated - BLC 22 Goals!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Dear Readers... (as if I have any!)

Now that I have gone through gaining mid-life weight, then losing it, then re-gaining it because I didn't pay attention (I really thought I could maintain my weight easily after losing it)... I now realize it takes work and attention. So, now I am older and wiser and very motivated for various reasons.

One is that I am on this amazing team for BLC 22! The C.A.M.O. Crew! And they are CAMO tough and I can't let them down!

Second is that I got invited to do a "Kitten Shoot" with a local studio... Professional hair and makeup and then 1-2 hours of photography... boudoir-style! Yikes!! Don't ask me why I got invited... maybe they are wanted a large range of ages!! I just know that the teaser pics they sent out are of a lot younger, slimmer, model-faced women. Well, the way I figure it, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity since I'm not getting any younger! And if they are willing to deal with my wrinkles and sagging and tummy rolls then who am I to argue?!

The bad news is the photo shoot is only 3 weeks away!! Double YIKES!!!

So, I definitely have my reasons to get it done! Here's where I am now...

Weight: 146.5 (Starting weight was 150!)

Body fat: 33.5% (average over the last few weeks - it fluctuates a bit on the BEI scale)

Waist: 30.5 inches

SO here are my goals for BLC 22...

Goal #1: Lose 5-6 lbs. by June 28 (the day of the photo shoot)

Goal #2: Get stronger by ST 3 times a week and exercising 6-7 days each week.

Goal #3: Lose 10-12 lbs by the end of the 12-week challenge

Goal#4: Have consistent readings of body fat below 30%

Goal#5: Get my waist measurement below 30"

Goal#6: Heal my shoulder injury

S - Okay, I have my specific goals.
M - And they are measurable. Scale, tape measure, weight and reps of strength exercises.
A - Yes, I believe they are attainable... I have the knowledge and resources to make it happen. Just have to execute!
R - They are very relevant. My main reason for losing the body fat is to improve my health numbers. My cholesterol and blood glucose have crept up to borderline values and my doc said maybe if you lost 10 lbs your numbers would go back to normal... hmmm...
T - And they are timely! I have deadlines set.

I'm ready to go! I can do this!

Oh... and the plan for how to do it!

1. Cut out any unnecessary carbs... bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sweets are VERY limited!
2. Juice my freggies at least 3 times a week.
3. Keep my wine intake to 4 days a week - 8 oz max!
4. Workout a minimum of 30 minutes, but mostly 60 minutes 6-7 days a week.
5. Experience JOY every single day!! And appreciation/gratitude for what I have!

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