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Any Day Without a Crisis Can Bring Sunshine to You

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hello everyone!

Sunday we were fortunate enough to have our modem, DirecTV box, and our living room TV, zapped during a storm. IT was awful for both of us! We had to wait until Monday morning to call AT&T about our modem. They promised a replacement in 2-3 days. They sent it over night, but the new one didn't work either. More calls and two more days later, we got another and got it working properly! Now, you have to remember our phone also goes through the modem, so we were left with no phone service all that time, too. Everything had to be done with our cells and we don't have the greatest reception in this area, but we managed. A good thing about it is, Bob had gotten an insurance package to cover our electronics. When the guy came today to fix the TV, there was no charge. We are needing a new "board" for it. If it can't be gotten or fixed, they will give us a new one. So this is where we are. *sigh*

Monday I was to be notified about the contest for father's day. Since our phone and internet were down, I had no idea if I was in the running. Today when I got on-line, there was an email and.......... I made it!!! I wasn't the grand winner, but I was one one of the 6 winners. My story and the eternal Tribute to my father will be featured on their site over Father's Day weekend. I also got to designate $100 for the charity of my choice. I talked it over with Bob and my brother and we are all in the same page about it. The money is going to the Cancer Center where I had my treatments to be used to help women with breast cancer who need supplies or help getting to and from the treatments. I couldn't be happier. We had considered the American Cancer Society or the American Heart Association (my dad had heart problems), but decided it was most important to know the money would be spent locally. They have been so wonderful to us, that I feel I am returning to others in some small way.

With being back in Roxie, all the trouble from the storms, and knowing we are going to have the storms until at least next Monday, it was difficult to see much sunshine in our days. But God does help us through the dark into the light and brought the sunshine with my win. I have been so excited to tell all of you about it! To all who read it and commented, again I thank you. It pretty much stayed the way it was. I had to make very few changes and the word count even stayed the same.

Of course Hercules has brought us all a lot of joy. Bob has renamed him "Slick" and he is the sweetest boy. He sticks to Bob and is his shadow, unless Bob isn't here. Then he is that way with me. He gets along great with the other boys, but especially with CoCo. I think it is because they are close to the same age and young enough to play as hard as they do. CoCo did an amazing thing about 4 days after Slick arrived. We had a bed for him and put it on a pillow under Bob's computer desk. Well, CoCo pulled it out for Slick and he has used the pillow alone ever since. Isn't that the sweetest? Have any of your pets ever done such a thing?

All of you remain in my prayers and I love you all for always supporting me no matter what.

Have a lovely weekend and even if you ar4e having storms, too, I hope you'll have sunshine to fill your heart.

Peace Love Cure

The picture with us , Dr K's nurse, and the frogs Bob made for them. They put it on their calendar for May this year. They have frogs all over because they are known as F>R>O>G> - Florida Radation Oncologists Group.

Our corner looking across the street. We are fortunate to be a little higher ground.

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