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day 6 of no booze june and a water woo hoo!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

so far no booze june has gone pretty well. i'm six days in and haven't wavered. sunday was the most difficult day. i like to drink sunday afternoon, and i really struggled to not drink this past sunday. saturday was easy. it was the first day, i was tired from friday and wasn't in the mood. it's been real nice all week and i love to sit on the deck with a beer and a book or magazine and drink in the evening. i was too busy tuesday for it to be an issue. last night i wasn't home, so it wasn't a big deal at all. tonight's gonna be tough though. not only is it super nice, but we're going golfing after work and then eating dinner at a mexican restaurant. so many challenges stuffed into one evening! i have faith though.

yesterday i realized i didn't have the urge to drink anymore. it was a gnawing feeling all week, but yesterday it was gone. i had no desire. i just hope that stays with me through tonight! can't wait to see what the scale says monday morning. this really is the only change i've made, so any weight lost will be alcohol related. but then it is tom...that could screw things up!

i like doing these challenges. giving up a vice for a set amount of time is fun and challenging for me. i like to test my willpower. i usually do something big for the new year. i haven't the past couple years, but for 2003 i challenged myself to drink at least 64 oz of water a day. i did this. it was quite easy after the first few days of constant bathroom breaks. i learned so much about how wonderful water is that year. weight comes off easier, skin is clear, energy...so many awesome things happen. i just realized today that i began that water journey 10 years ago! i never gave that habit up. sure, there have been days that weren't so great. weeks at a time even. there were times when i realized i wasn't drinking enough water lately. i'd look in the mirror and be all bloaty and look icky, so i'd start chugging. it's a habit that i'm happy i found and have worked at regularly though i have taken it for granted and haven't been as on top of it as i should be. i reached my goal weight that year (yes, i gained it all back plus some since then, but that's another story). i feel if i really concentrate again and make sure it's a daily thing i'll be on the right track to make my goal weight next year. i challenge myself!
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