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the anniversary of a lifetime

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I suppose you can say I am a foot expert since my feet have been horrible for most of my life. Many surgeries ( 7 total), Cortizone shots (127 total and that will be the end of that no more of them ever in these tottsies ), 2 % alcohol treatments ( 6 total of them ). I know all about lotions and creams, elevation, wraps , you name it I am sure that if it has to do with feet I know about it. Mine have always been ugly little fat things that stayed swollen and hurt all the time. I have almost lost on or both of them on more than one occasion. Every surgery comes with a stern warning that I might loose them if an infection sets up. No I dont have diabetes I have miserable feet is all or should I say I did.

My right foot is this one that gives me the most trouble. it has to be babied really. It is the one that says no matter how much weight I loose I will never run like others do but I am alright with that it is still their to dictate that and that is what counts. Now if you follow this blog then you know I usually document every new find on this oh so tired body. Well this is no different.

I have found what is really feet. I can see the ligaments on the top of them. My toes are actually seperated away from each other. They dont swell any more like they use to. They dont nearly hurt like they once did but hey nothing does on this body.

My right foot is actually the one that started this process . I had surgery and was left on the couch for those 10 weeks and everything hurt and that foot killed me every time I got up on it. It was week 5 of that actually today is the anniversary of that day that I stopped crying and decided to that I work figure out how to take the weight off and see if I could stop the pain in my foot or feet. I decided at all cost no matter what if i was going to hurt then by god I was going to know why and stop sitting around waiting for someone to tell me how to do it as that never worked for me. And here we sit 2 years later and 92 pounds lighter and i cant even calculate the inches ( something like 80 inches over my whole body). I did it one step at a time and no matter what I didnt stop it didnt matter how hard it got and believe me it gets hard but we keep with the program. You have the ability to change your life with in yourself but you have to decide to. I figure it like this either i am going to hurt because I worked my tail off or I am going to hurt for doing nothing so well I push the limits. And guess what , after a while of pushing those limits you just doesnt hurt any more. Dont end up on the couch for ten weeks to figure this out just take my word for it .

So Happy Anniversary for the best worst day of my life emoticon emoticon
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