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Another batch of lemonade coming up

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Here I (must) go again and make another batch of Lemonade from the lemons I have been dealt lately. So about a week after some serious dental work, an extraction of a dinosaur size lower molar, I wound up with a form of TMJ. I must have had a dozen shots of Novacaine in my cheek/jaw joint, gums, and the tooth nerve itself, all the while my mouth was open to the max. I did all the right things afterwards, but then this pain began when I opened my mouth. Now I could take this one of two ways, or just accept it and make lemonade.
1. Maybe I talk too much and need to keep my mouth shut, or
2. maybe I eat too much, too fast, and take too big bites.
After consideration, I decided all of that was true, but I didn't intend to stop talking or eating, so a temporary acceptance was the solution.
The lemonade mix includes some softer foods, much smaller bites. and checking the position of all foods on my fork before inserting food into my mouth. I found that by sliding it in sideways I don't have to open my mouth so much and cause myself pain. I even cut up most sandwiches. My goal is the absence of pain.
I also must PAY ATTENTION when I am eating and take much smaller, more careful bites, NO SHOVELS ALLOWED!
WHY I LOVE LEMONADE SO MUCH is that it seems to always answer a basic need in my life that I was not able to achieve on my own initiative. So once again, a solution appears in the form of a problem or challenge that must be met in order to survive and/or move on in my life. Since I am a believer in forward motion, ie progress, and don't like to visit the past too often, I've learned to love the Lemonade solutions in life. So cheers to lemonade, l'chaim to life! emoticon
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