Day 352 : Continuing the Streak

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Admittedly, my Streak is four days long - but that is better than 0!

This morning started off with what I am calling the perfect bike ride. A friend of mine from the running club has been kind enough to meet up with me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We usually go for runs, but her knee was bothering her after Decker's Creek, so we decided to bike instead. It was AMAZING.

First off, it was a nice, cool 65 degrees. Second, the trail was mostly empty due to threat of rain. Finally, when it did start to rain it was a light mist which felt so refreshing! Really, the company was great and the ride itself beside the river was inspiring. I felt like I could have kept going for YEARS.

Yesterday I had my monthly follow-up call with people from the study. For a very long time I had professed to doing all the things right and not knowing why the scale wasn't moving. Well, I finally admitted that I must have been doing something wrong. I think it came down to two things - First, a reduction in activity from where it was when I was most successful and second continuing to eat the same as I had when I was more active. Combine the two and of course the scale isn't going to move.

Right now I feel like I'm on fire. I'm back to 185.2 this morning which means I have once again banished 189 from my consciousness. That was a scary, scary number to see and I never want to see it again. Here's hoping this downward trend continues!
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