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What to do...what to do?

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Yesterday I was pretty sore from the previous days workout.
We did a new exercise and my newly used muscles were just SO UNHAPPY emoticon
I went onto sparks and discovered the possible reason why....lactic acid. Ok, so now, what to do about todays work out? According to sparks, keep working, just don't strain....ok!

Their advice went in harmony with this quote.

And HERE is why I love having a live trainer instead of a dvd. I got to boot camp, explained about my aching arms and the trainer knew instantly what was "wrong" and gave me alternative exercises to do when the others did anything that used that specific set of muscles in that specific way. I still did the exercise and worked out...just differently.
And I am so glad I did. I completed my hour of boot camp and feel wonderful. So while I went, being sure that I would not be able to do much and consoled myself with that fact that even a partial work out would be better than nothing, I ended doing a full work out and the pains I originally had, have lessened to almost gone.

Today, completed my first 7 days in succession. I am pretty chuffed about that because when I first thought of attempting this, I didn't think I was strong enough to cope, turns out I am!! emoticon

Really, it is up to me and while this may explain my situation.....

This is the choice I am making.

I'm working with a twofold purpose. One is to work hard and the other is to eat right.
And while this may be a motivational quote...its PERFECTLY TRUE.

It may hurt for now....but I know the long term benefits of being stronger.

This is my NEWEST LIVE BY concept.

And LASTLY.....

Only four more days before I weigh in again.....I'm excited and also SO CURIOUSLY wondering how its going with the other 10 challengers?
Somehow the weight loss leader linked me up (without asking emoticon ) to a watsap conversation with all the challengers. Its so annoying having my phone go off every few minutes with trivia talk. The flip side of the coin is that I have insight into some of their ideas ie One lady does insanity and she isn't feeling sore at all. Really??? You can't be doing it right, surely. In my brain I hear a gong which......eliminated one challenger.
Next I read of a challenger who doesn't like the taste of the Herbal Life shake. To make it taste acceptable she adds coffee and half a cup of flavored yogurt.....gong! emoticon

Of course I'm not expecting to be the biggest loser this particular week coming, because that very first week, one loses water and it makes up a nice figure on the scale. This being my second time round, I wont experience that water loss. That's ok, because I'm doing this the right way for me and each month I wear a different size pants. That's the story I'm telling. This morning I was able to put on a pair of jeans I only expected to get into next month and since March I have gone down 3 pants sizes.

Hope my fellow sparkers have had a good week. If it needs tweaking, you still have one day left before the weekend to do so. You also have one more day to plan the weekend so you don't derail.
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