Today, Tomorrow and The Other Day

Thursday, June 06, 2013

We had a crazy busy day again today. (I love those!) I accidentally left my Fitbit at home but I put it back on as soon as we got here. Then, I mowed until the battery in the mower died and it was HOT! But the yard looks so much better! I just have a little more to do tomorrow and lots of weedeating, so I'll be getting in plenty of exercise between running around again.
I'm supposed to take the kids bowling in the morning and to an activity at the library in the afternoon. It will be an interesting day.
I need to plan at our meals a bit better if we're going to stay as busy as it looks like we are going to be.
Now, I need to remember what I ate today and look at our dinner list to plan out what will work best for tomorrow. I've discovered that I am not great at cooking when I spend a lot of time outside but the other day I just put out different fruits and veggies (cucumbers from the garden, squash from the garden that I baked with parmesan cheese, and sliced Roma tomatoes with Basil and cheese) while I was cooking (I had read that suggestion somewhere that it helps your family to eat fruits and veggies without nagging. It was a definite winner in our family. My kids were fighting over the cucumber. My husband ate most of the squash and frowned at the tomato, tried it and then came back in later and ate some more. I ate basically three whole tomatoes and some squash! (I was not going to get in the middle of the cucumber fight.) So no matter what I make tomorrow, I'll probably do that with the fruits and veggies again.

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