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June 5th update

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Well, I woke up this morning and barely - I do mean barely - made it out of bed to get showered and ready to go to the doctor. I do not know what happened during the night but my knee was swollen and I could barely get up. My foot was swollen too (left leg). Getting dressed was the real kicker especially putting on my jeans and socks & shoes. I made it through and got to the car. Did fine until time to get out of car - oh no I was afraid I wouldn't be able to. Since I had my 85 year old Aunt with me (she had an appointment too) I knew I had to do this. Also for some reason my back was hurting. I'm going to blame that on throwing up the past three days.
So I have a stomach bug that's making it's rounds around here. The doc wrote a prescription for Phenergan since I took my last one yesterday. Wanted it, just in case.
There's nothing wrong with my joints except good old arthritis. emoticon My knee is so much better tonight - I guess ll the pain meds I took this morning and what I took for my headache this afternoon knocked it out. Anyway I felt good enough to take a walk with my dog tonight and get caught in the rain. emoticon
I had my routine blood work drawn and he's checking my potassium levels since I'm having so much trouble with leg, food and hand cramps. If my potassium levels come back okay then he'll call in another prescription for the cramps I'm getting. I'll know hopefully tomorrow.
The rash on my arm is just an allergic reaction to something not shingles like I was originally afraid it was. So I have a cream for that and it's already started clearing up and not nearly as red and bad looking as it was this morning.
The nurse drawing my blood work this morning was happy - first try and it was a good vein. I have the worse veins for blood draws - they're tiny, they roll, they collapse and they generally won't give blood so they have to use a vein in my hand. I drank lots of water this morning - it's good for the veins, it enlarges them and makes it easier for the blood to flow - I didn't know that until I heard the nurse tell a new one that. They always tease me about being their worst patient because I'm the one that causes a back up in the lab. Not today emoticon instead it was my Aunt emoticon
Got all my prescriptions refilled and a fresh inhaler too. They joked about all my meds that I had this morning at the drug store telling me I had just about everything covered. I said "yes, now I can go on vacation" and then we talked about that.
Funny thing, Medicare doesn't pay for Phenergan. I guess they don't consider it or the generic necessary? Never ceases to amaze me at what they don't pay for now.
At any rate, Sunday I leave on vacation. The only internet access I'll have is my phone so I probably won't be on here very much at all. It's hard for me to use sparkpeople.com on my phone - I can never get the right screens to pop up and get frustrated so I'll just be entering my food any maybe most of my exercise - depends on the app and internet. So don't be alarmed with my absence for about a month. Hopefully I'll be hiking with my brother and best friends in NE TN and NC!
Have a fantastic week y'all! Sending you love & hugs. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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