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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

This is my 12-week plan for success.
What can I do to succeed?
1. Settle on what healthy plan I can live with. And hopefully enjoy doing.
2. Plan, plan, plan. How many meals and snacks per day? Plan the menu.
3. Make a schedule allowing time for exercise. Realize that all that weed eating and lifting boards, etc is exercise!!!
4. Take advantage of slow cooker and pressure cooker.
5. Have snacks available. Cleaned veggies, fruit, etc.
6. Plan for treats that I like and enjoy.

The above is the outline. This is what I came up with after I thought about it for awhile.
1. The plan~~~a simplified calorie counting system that I have used before. It is easy and it works. Allows me to eat any food. It is healthy. There is no quick fix. So I need to quit looking for the "magic" solution.

2. Plan~~3 meals and 2 snacks. Allow for 12 points per day, which equals 1200 calories plus free fruits and veggies.
Breakfast 3 points
Lunch 3 points
snack 1 point
Supper 3 points
snack 1-2 points

My actual calorie range is between 1200 and 1500. So this will allow me some leeway.

3. Exercise first thing in the morning. Or do yoga and/or stretching before bed.

4. Use slow cooker and pressure cooker. Make as many of my own foods as possible. Try new recipes. Enjoy cookbooks and online recipes.

5. Prep veggies for snacks. Have cheese or something protein on hand to go with the snack.

6. Allow treats. Utilize activity points. Treat myself well!

Now for the rewards!! These are for daily activities, not weight loss. Glenna, did you hear that??? NOT for weight loss!! OK. I need to reward consistency and participation. Give up the idea that if I lose ok, I did good. If I gain, oh, no, I am wrong, wrong, wrong.

Pre challenge week: a book to read just for fun. No diet stuff!! Just relax and enjoy.

This is a list to choose from for the next 12 weeks.
1. cook book perhaps ice cream recipes
2. exercise dvde
3. craft item
4. magazine
5. new ink pens
6. tea
7. water bottle
8. journal for my thoughts
9. new walking shoes
10. new bras
11. keifer culture (try something new)
12. a pretty do dad for the yard or porch

Ok, now I have a plan in place! I was thinking about it today. Even if I do not rack up lots of points or lose lots of pounds, I can still get 100% participation. I can do something right!!!
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