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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

So last time I blogged about my progress food-wise, now I'll talk about the two pounds I just lost.

Ever since I came back here motivated and prepared in March... I hadn't lost a single pound. Of course for the whole month of March my efforts had been sparse - watching what I eat, trying to exercise - but nothing serious. I decided to take a very slow and prepared approach with the weight loss thing so I spent March... preparing. Making research, calculating calories, planning menus and fitness plans. In April I pretty much started putting all that into perspective and... doing it. April worked half-well since I would often go back to my old habits. May was way better. More exercising - though still being lazy half of the week - but my progress was mostly done food-wise as I've been talking about a lot lately.

In March and April I even GAINED weight. When I came back I was at 173 pounds and I went up to 174.4; I was devastated, but I knew I'd need to adjust. Last week, on Tuesday I weighed in at 173.6, which I thought was good, but not enough. After two months of hard work, only losing 0.8 pound? UGH.

Well I kept going. Never gonna get results if I don't work harder, after all. So I prepared better, made more research, started eating a little less, exercising a little more, doing cardio more. And this morning the miracle happened: I was down to 171.8 pounds on the scale. My boyfriend was in bed sleeping when I let out a big "OH!" of surprise.

I usually weigh in on Tuesdays. I think about it every Monday night. I always tell myself to not be ashamed or angry if the number doesn't go down, if it doesn't change or even goes up; I always tell myself to work harder if I don't see scale results right away, that it's gonna come. And each Tuesday morning I was still a little deceived to see the same number. But then I became used to it, and yesterday night I had the same talk with myself - since I forgot to weigh in in the morning, I decided to do it today - and I just told myself that it'd be the same again and that at some point it'd go down.

I'm guessing I needed this attitude for the number to go down, LOL.

So I'm down almost 2 pounds in a week and I'm really, really proud of myself. Of course I'm never going to reach my goal of 160 pounds in July - my initial goal - but I don't care. I wanna do this slowly, I wanna take my time. I wanna stop panicking when I realize that Summer is right here and I don't have the body I wanted to. I want to not care. I still feel good in my bikini. Sometimes I just think about the times I'm gonna go to the beach or whatever, with my boyfriend's friends (since I seem to hang out with them a lot these times) and they're gonna bring their skinny girlfriends or friends and I'm gonna be there in my bikini feeling different. But let's not think about that. Let's think about the fun I'll have there.

Another thing that's probably helping is my boyfriend. Last Monday we went for a bike ride since we FINALLY started getting nice weather (after two weeks of rain and thunderstorms; a part of the city even got flooded, we never get that kinda disasters here). We didn't plan any route, so we just went by and did most of the Versant-Nord boulevard and some part in the industrial park then came back. Going to the boulevard from my apartment is a downside hill so we went down the whole time and barely touched the pedals; but coming back it was really hard, and on the boulevard we were going up a little and had the wind straight in our faces. Hahaha I sweat a lot, and he was way behind, his legs almost refusing to move. I teased him a little about that, and then back at home when we were lying in bed before sleep, I told him that maybe he'd need to train a little so he could follow me.

He jumped in right away and he's been nothing but encouraging ever since. Yesterday at lunch time he was texting me and asked if we could go bike again after supper. I said I'd rather jog because I skipped my morning jog (lazy sleeping ass, again) and I wanted to try intervals jogging to see how I'd do. He joined me! And he did better this time. I think he only has a little less cardio than me, but his legs are way weaker.

Intervals wasn't easy, but any kind of run would have been hard since I ate supper pretty late (almost at 7 PM) and we went jogging at 8:30. I usually wait 2 hours after eating for a jog, and when I go in the morning I go empty stomach. So I got a TON of cramps that just wouldn't go away. At first I started with intervals of 2 minutes of jog, and 30 seconds of walk, at the end it was 1,5 minutes of jog and a minute of walking. Well still better than nothing, and I did 4 kms instead of my usual 3 because I got tired of my route and I really wanna go back to 5 kms as soon as possible.

Right after the jog, he asked if today we could go swim. :) he's really into it LOL! But since it's still gorgeous outside I'd rather take a walk, maybe go for a swim after. I'm trying to keep the pool for bad weather (since it's an inside pool). But maybe I should really use it more often since I'm moving in a month and won't have access to it anymore, lol.

On a last positive note: Sunday I ate at his parents' house, her mom made pouding chômeur (what the hell is that, you ask? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P
ouding_chômeur) and I had a piece (SUPER sugary yet SUPER GOOD); and then she decided she had too much and gave my boyfriend some pieces to bring here for me. Well he brought them yesterday and even though I really, REALLY wanted to indulge into a piece yesterday after my jog, I didn't. I won't tonight either. It's just there on my table waiting. I'll have some Saturday, aka on my cheat day. I know I can make it to then with it in plain sight. Temptation, o temptation! :P
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    Keep up the good work. It took MONTHS before bryan decided he was going to try this foreign idea of working out with me and now he does 3x a week. He jogs on his own because he is much taller than I am and he runs faster it's miserable trying to run together I'm running hard he's hardly running :P It makes a difference though and I hope it's something you and your boyfriend can enjoy together :)
    1798 days ago
    Bravo ! Way to Go!
    You keep pushing =) Someday, we'll have to go walking together.

    Don't they say : slow wins the race? And beside, I prefer slow to fast because if I go fast, I peek and than let go. Slow is good. Chicat63 is a model of slow weightloss =) and she proves over and over again that it works !!

    So keep going !

    Iza ☼
    1806 days ago
    good work! Slowly is good also. You can make sure your small changes are staying with you.

    Tu as de quoi être fière d'avoir laissé ton chum en arrière! ça veux donc dire que tu réussie à te tenir en forme!

    1806 days ago
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