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Duck Patrol - read at your own risk

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I apologies in advance for grammar and tyop errors, with 2 1/2 hours sleep last night I can't be held responsible for my writing skills today! I am brain-dead! So go ahead and read this blog at your own risk! lol

So most of you have been following the DUCK NEST saga with me! Last night at about 10:30 my husband heard the duck in distress and went out to see a raccoon making off with two, TWO of the duck eggs! I was so upset!

So we chased the horrible thing away and I can only discribe the quaks from the mommy duck as heart wrenchingly forlorn! ( yes I know that is probably not a word, I warned ya!)

So DH suspected that it would come back and 10 minutes later it did, we chased it away but the unfortunate thing is that the mother duck was spooked enough that she left! The nest was exposed and vulnerable and I knew that if I went to bed, there would be no eggs in the morning!

My DD loves ducks and has been counting the eggs daily! ( She still does not know that 2 are gone! )
So what to do?
I just could not go to bed and let the racoon take all the eggs so I camped out in our van and kept watch. That horrible sly raccoon came back another 4 times and I chased him away every time! ( this went on until 3:30 am )

AT 4: 30 am I figured it was not coming back, but my worry was that the duck would abandon the eggs,

I was SOOOO HAPPY this morning to see her back on the nest!

10 Eggs intact and my DH is the best!

He emailed me to say that he will help me give the duck some protection


I was down 0.4 this morning which is surprising given all of the above!

I will post a pic of the enclosure, it may not be pretty but I hope it will get me some sleep and the duck some protection.

Had a smoothie for lunch, too tired to cook.
Here is the recipe

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