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A bat in the house

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Last night, just before bedtime, I was leaving the upstairs hall bathroom when all of a sudden I experienced a black thing flying around my head. It was a bat!

I let out a yell, and ran across the hall into the nearest bedroom, slamming the door behind me.

A moment later, I opened the door again slightly, to peek out into the hallway and see if the bat was still around. I saw more black fluttering -- and quickly shut the door again.

At that point, I decided that I was NOT going to leave that bedroom until the bat was gone. LOL

That, of course, was a luxury that I could afford, because my husband was in our bedroom.
If I lived alone, I would have had to deal with it myself.
So I was VERY grateful to be married at that moment.

(I experience similar feelings of gratitude every time the car has to be serviced.)

I consider myself to be a pretty strong, independent woman – and I don’t usually scare easily.
I grew up the oldest child in a home without a father, so my mother and I handled everything that came along.
Also, my husband traveled a lot in earlier years of our marriage, so I was the one who dealt with things when he was gone.

I have tackled with ants, bees, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, mice, raccoons, snakes, scorpions, and even a tarantula once.
(The tarantula was outside on the patio – and after a day of my carefully walking far around it, I learned that it was dead. LOL)

But I had never had a bat flying around my head before INSIDE my house -- and I decided I really didn’t want to face this one.

I took my cell phone and called my husband (who was in bed in the master bedroom -- one room away) on the house phone. LOL
I told him about the bat in the hallway -- and told him that this was going to be HIS project.
I was staying in the spare bedroom.

And, fortunately, my wonderful, courageous husband rose to the occasion.
My husband was the one who called the police non-emergency number, and was referred to our local animal control officer.
When the doorbell rang, it was my husband who dared to walk through that bat-occupied hallway to go downstairs and let the animal control officer into the house.

(If I had been alone, I think I might have given him the code to the garage door and asked him to let himself in to the house.)

Meanwhile, I was hiding out in the spare bedroom on the computer reading “How to get a bat out of your house.”
They said to wear heavy gloves (which were DOWNSTAIRS in our house)
and to throw a towel over the bat, pick it up gently (not to squeeze too tightly), and let it go outside.
The instructions went on to say that sometimes bats have trouble lifting off from the ground, so if that happened, I should help it out with a little boost. RIGHT!

The animal control officer, (I was told later) wearing a heavy leather glove, and carrying a large net, reached up over one of the doors, and captured the bat. He placed it in a container to be taken away.

It was after all that when I sheepishly emerged from the bedroom.

The bat would be tested for rabies. If it came back positive, my two indoor cats, who receive annual rabies vaccines, would have to be given another booster shot.

We were reassured that only about 3% come back positive in our area.

We thanked the animal control officer for all his help, and he left, taking the bat with him.

My husband and I then put some duct tape over the tiny gap where the attic pull-down door does not sit flush against the ceiling. We all decided that is where the bat came from.
We’ll do a permanent fix soon.

Later, when we were alone, my husband was gracious about my lapse in courage, and smilingly told me it hadn’t been that difficult to do.

Afterward, I texted my son, summarizing our brief adventure , and then told him good-night, I was finally going to bed.

“Sleep well, Mom” he texted back, “and don’t worry about that brown recluse spider that could be in your bed.”
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The other night, on his way home, DH had a bat fly into the car. He thought it had just hit the outside, but then he felt something behind him, in-between the seat and his shirt. He pulled the car over and jumped out. The bat flew out and he quickly got back inside. When he came home, I checked out his back for marks and there was a scrape near his waistband, about 6+ inches long. I can't say I would have handled your bat situation any differently than you did. As for the one with DH, you would have heard me screaming for miles. emoticon
    1811 days ago
    Bahahaha! We had that same experience here a few years ago!! I still laugh out loud when I remember shutting the door on my huband who hit the deck after being dive bombed by out little visitor! LMAO! Love stories like this! emoticon
    1811 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Cute story. I would have done the same thing. Your son was too funny.

    1811 days ago
    What total freak out!!!!! I like bats but I like them outside!!
    1813 days ago
    Oh my! Did you sleep?
    1813 days ago
    What an entertaining story: more entertaining to read than to live it, I'm betting. I love ALL living things pretty much but bats (and leeches) are definitely exceptions. My DH is responsible for bat removal here too . . . and he has been known to tenderly drive them across the city to release them. I believe, however, they generally return home before he does!
    1814 days ago
    What an evening. I don't know what I would have done. I don't carry my cell phone with me inside my house. LOL.. Glad your OK.
    1814 days ago
    That sounds like a really scary movie plot. I don't know what I'd do in similar circumstances and I sure hope I don't have to find out. The most dangerous animal we get are baby scorpions walking across the floor. emoticon

    Your son is funny! I hope he was joking with his remark about a spider in your bed. emoticon emoticon
    1814 days ago
    That was a very fun story for us but not for you I'm sure. I don't think that if I had called our animal control people I would have gotten anyone until the next morning. Hooray for your DH and the animal control. Even sounds like the bat came out OK.
    Thanks for sharing your evening adventure!!! emoticon
    1814 days ago
    What an experience! Glad that DH was there to take care of the situation!
    1814 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Now that I stopped laughing, I can tell you that the first thing that came to my mind was the movie, "The Great Outdoors" with John Candy and Dan Akroyd. I had visions of your hubby with a wastebasket over his head and a pair of rubber gloves and a trash can lid, chasing the poor bat!

    Voice of experience: voice of experience: had a full attic of hem.. In one week they will all be gone if you: Put a box of MOTH BALLS in the attic in the daylight so they are not active. Do this every day for a week and they will be gone.

    One of he nurses I worked with had HUNDREDS of hem in her attic, NEXT TO HER BEDROOM,, she followed that advice from a farmer and it worked. Bats fly in a straight line from wherever they are disturbed. If somebody tore a building down or shooed them from THEIR place, the bats fly to the nearest straight line for a new place. After the week, go in the attic in the daylight and fill every place of light you see, even as thin as a piece of paper!!

    She never got bats again. Good luck!
    1814 days ago
  • LAC936
    Wow what an experience. I hope when the animal control took the bat it didn't have to kill it to test it for rabies. Poor thing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don't get me wrong, I'm with you, I'd be hiding until the coast cleared too.
    1814 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    LOL, what an adventure! Your son may have been teasing you about the spider but my brother got a bite right on his backside from one...that was in his bed. Granted they had changed out sheets from a linen closet that day (where the spider had been really hiding.)

    Take care!
    1814 days ago
    Gotta love kids!

    I had bats once, too, only I was home alone. I knew it wouldn't hit me if it could avoid it, so I moved slowly in the same room with it, opened the windows (it was dark out) and turned on the lights it went out. What I didn't know was there were two bats. I saw my cat staring at a picture frame, and a bat was hanging on behind it. I closed the door and opened the room up. It flew out later. It's scary when your safe house isn't safe.
    1814 days ago
    emoticon I can so relate to your bravery in hiding out in the spare room...that would be me. There are some things that are best left to men...unless, of course, there are none available at the time. Thank goodness your DH was there to save the day! Thanks for the laugh...
    1814 days ago
    Ok so before I made a comment to your blog I had to go to your spark page to see where you live. All of those creatures I am terrified of. You are courageous because I would have run out of the house like a bat outta hell!!! Lol - Spiders in your bed - Oh no!!! Your son is really messing with you. I sure hope there are no more creatures lurking around!

    1814 days ago
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