The Agony of Defeat

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Well, that 3 pounds that I lost a couple of weeks ago? It's back. Now....if I had totally pigged out on junky, bad foods, then I would understand. But I haven't, and didn't. I am getting so FED UP with my body, my metabolism (or lack of one) I feel defeated. I've been eating SO WELL.....SO HEALTHY. I've been able to walk a little each day, but not as much as I would like to, because it is painful. Until I can get myself moving at a high rate of speed on my walking, I don't think I am going to lose any weight. I am so mad at body, my metabolism and my age. I wish for one day.....just ONE day where I didn't think about my weight AT ALL. A day of peace and tranquility. Without worry. Without obsession. I. Just. Feel. Worn. Out.

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    I agree with one of the comments; please have your back pain checked out by a doctor. Exercise can you feel uncomfortable if you are just getting use to it, but it shouldn't cause that much pain; exercise is not suppose to hurt!

    In the meantime, please don't give up! As someone else mentioned, chair exercises might be worth a try. That is what I have to do with my health issues. Besides the videos here on Spark, Jodi Stolove makes some chair aerobic workouts that are a lot of fun and they really do get your heart rate up. But I would recommend seeing a doctor before trying anything new.
    2697 days ago
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    Aw! (((Hugs)))

    2698 days ago
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    2698 days ago
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    Please don't get discouraged. It will start to happen for you. Just keep eating healthy and it will happen. emoticon
    2698 days ago
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    How about some of the chair exercises by coach Nicole, they are surprisingly effective. Come and visit the 5:2 fast diet group, a lot of people are slowly shifting poundage that's been there for years with that form of eating. Takes a little getting used to, but maybe worth a try for all the other health benefits.
    2698 days ago
    I'm so sorry about the weight gain. Looking at your earlier blogs regarding your back, you may need to see your doctor or chiropractor. Years ago I used to have lower back problems especially if I stood still in one place longer than 10 or 15min. My doctor told me it may be arthritis as x-ray didn't show anything. I didn't want to believe it as I was too young to have that. So, even though I didn't care for chiropractors I finally convinced myself to go see one. It turned out to be a pinched nerve in my back and after one visit it was gone. It never came back and I'm able to stand in place hours at a time.

    Rather than suffering like this and using over the counter drugs, you really should see your doctor. If the doctor can't help, then find a doctor who can help you.

    And I'm sorry about the weight gain. Sometimes using or taking over the counter drugs together including ibuprofen may cause inflammation including water retention. Stress will also cause inflammation which causes weight gain. So it can be number of things and not necessary related to food.
    Also try some SP exercise videos. They are very simple but very effective. Hope you feel better soon.
    2698 days ago
    I have been eating right and exercising for the last couple of years and plateau'd the entire time. But--I am so much better off than I was that if I never lose another pound, I still won't change.
    2698 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I hit a plateau that lasted months. Maybe 9 months (and, no, I did not have a baby!). Don't look at the entire litany of "must" or "should" - focus on what is do-able and be sure to give yourself credit for doing that.
    2698 days ago
    Read some of your previous blogs and sounds like you do need to see the doctor on the back pain. That sounds more than just pain from carrying around extra weight to me. Hope there is something they can do about it and I am sure your hubby's comment on a doctor and back pain has more to do with sometimes when it comes to back pain doctor's aren't able to do much. But try.
    2698 days ago
    Try not to completely give up. Keep taking it slow and your body will catch up. When it comes to walking, even slow walking is exercise. Do what you can do and slowly up the amount or intensity. But don't up it too fast.
    2698 days ago
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