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BLC 22: The 12 Week Goals

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Part of the pre-challenge for Biggest Loser on SP is to establish our goals and means to achieving them, which is an awesome way to start. The thing is, I never really reflect to the future, so here it goes.

This challenge comes at a great time - school is ending and my goal date is nearing at the end of August, which is coincidentally the conclusion of this BLC round. So the weight goal is obvious:

GOAL #1: Meet my initial goal weight of 150 lbs. I intend to get there through continuing the baseline I've already created - mindful eating, reflection during emotional upheaval rather than binging, and consistent, varied exercising.

GOAL #2: Body image. I'm a self deprecating kinda lady - cynicism is my thing and consequently I tend to value myself on the lower side. With the confidence in weight loss and improvement of strength, I hope to develop more pride in my own body image - stretch marks and all. I'm also aware that this poor projection of myself is the reason I have gained so much weight and it directly relates to my social anxiety. So the more strategies I can develop, the better me I can become.

GOAL #3: Balance. Everything feels hectic all the time - like chaotic, uncontrollable, loss of sense hectic. I need to develop a means, or new perspective, on this frame of reference for my life. Perhaps that through a form of exercise I have yet to discover or meditation, but I'd like the chance to find new ways of feeling peaceful or centered and the ladies on my team seem to come from so many different lives that their POV should lend itself to this.

GOAL #4: Endurance & Strength. This August I'm going to the Grand Canyon with my husband where we will be hiking nonstop for days. I don't want to be the reason we stop early, don't go as far, or am too exhausted to enjoy myself. I'm using my training now to make this more possible... especially vertical endurance.

GOAL #5: Increased, tasty, non meat protein. I have conquered my sodium issues and now want to make the conscious effort to improve my protein intake, which is always down low on my nutrition tracker. I have celiac and a lactose sensitivity so that makes it even more difficult, but I know my veteran Starlets can probably put me in the right, and healthy, direction.

SUB GOAL: My husband and I have discussed the possibility of children in the near future, but I need to know that I can take care of myself well before others. So what I'm working on in the above goals will ideally put me in that frame of mind. I want to raise a happy and healthy family - something I never had.

(And for a starting reference for BLC, I've posted current front and side photos of me in my photo gallery, which are 53 pounds down from my before-before picture.)

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