Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Oh my good gosh! I am literally SO excited! I haven't weighed myself since February, where I found myself back up to a soul-destroying 198 lbs! Soul-destroying because last year around May I had gotten down from 210.8 to 181.2, and then I faltered and never managed to find my footing again, until 9 weeks ago.

So 9 weeks ago (2nd April) I was probably around 196 lbs. After weighing in on 1st February and feeling so so awful about myself, I put my scale away and decided I wasn't going to use it anymore. I was just going to keep working hard and watch how I feel in my clothes etc. Well, I properly started back on track 9 weeks ago, taking it in 21-day cycles, and I've been feeling awesome. So many people are starting to comment, and I feel great in myself. My clothes are getting really baggy, and I even found myself buying size 14 UK (size 10 US) leggings the other day! And that's going from being a size 18-20 UK!

Yesterday was Day 21 for me (of Part 3), which for me is the day of each cycle that I have a splurge. Ok, some people may not agree with doing that but hey, this is what works for me so I'm sticking with it! Anyway, for some reason as I waited for my shower to get hot this morning, I decided to weigh in. It was the day after my planned splurge, so in my head I was like 'I know I've lost weight since 2nd April, plus add a few pounds water weight due to carbing up yesterday, so I really hope I'm at about 190 lbs and then I'll be happy'. IMAGINE my surprise when I was 180.4!!!! WTF! I stepped on it 3 times just in case! I have NEVER seen that number before! I was so shocked, and skipped all the way to the shower and sang my lungs out throughout hahaha

So from my highest weight of 210.8, I'm now officially down 30lbs! WHOOOPPEEEE! I feel and look better than I ever have. It's unbelievable.

Today is back to Day 1 of 21 again. I'm doing a Fat Fast for the next 2 days, to throw myself right back into ketosis, and then going back to Induction for a couple of days, and then right back onto my normal low carbing ways. I'm really looking forward to this 21-day cycle. My 4th one consecutively. It's certainly the way to do it for me, I've never felt more in control. I have my goals set out for this cycle, broken down into 5-day stints. And I'm ready to go. Thinking from now on I'm going to weigh in on the morning of Day 21 every cycle, just to see where I'm at. I'm not setting ANY weight loss goals, I'm no longer a slave to the scale. My ultimate goal weight is around 165-168, I can't believe how close I am. (NB: I have no idea what my actual goal weight will be, because I have no idea what my body looks like below 181.2 lbs! Well, 180.4 lbs now! Eeeeek! But I do know that I'm almost there.)

Keep pushing everyone; eventually it DOES work, if you make it work. So keep working emoticon emoticon
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