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DARN HORSES! "Orphan Annie" wounded again!!! (icky pics)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Apparently our Orphan Annie didn't figure out the new fence even through it is a 5 foot high 3 strand high tensile with 2 strands of 1" gold and black poly tape sight cord WITH bright pink ribbons 6 inches long every 4 feet!!! Darn horse tried to RUN straight through the fence last night and is all sliced up! We have had this mare for 13 years now and have yet to be able to use her for lessons because she is always either lame, injured or sick! I love the poor dear who was orphaned at 2 weeks old and bottle raised before becoming a broodmare then coming to join our farm as a sanctuary horse when she kept getting hurt at her original farm. Never seems to matter how we bubble wrap her but around early June she gets hurt and isn't recovered until mid Fall just in time to miss a whole season of riding again!

Anyway her wound just split and tore the skin but is in a terrible spot to bandage so for all my horsey peoples on here I posted photos of a bandage my son came up with 2 years ago for a gelding who hurt the upper foreleg rather than the chest area like Annie has... This bandage combined with Vetricyn (sp?) worked fabulously for him and we hope will do the same with her as her wound is much less severe than his. He was fully healed and back to light work in just under 3 months!!!

Bandage is made up of a training surcingle, old fleece saddle pad and girth cover to give extra cushion since she will be wearing it for a while! Standing wrap (the blue strap holding it all up) an apron turned upside down and a puppy pee pad duct tape to the inside of the apron for easy clean up. All we have to do is untie the apron strings to spray meds on several times a day and change the bandaging when dirty but since it does not press directly on the wound it allows great air flow while protecting from dirt, bugs etc... I worked fantastically for Tuffy though Annies is tied up a bit differently due to the difference in wound locations.

This is what the bandage is covering...

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  • CC3833
    Pretty cool idea. Thanks for the info!!
    1839 days ago
    What a great idea! I too have been dealing w/ a horse injury...sigh.
    1840 days ago
    Annie's boo boo actually does not need granulation... she has not even bled from the wound it is only skin that was scraped / split and actually looks ickier in photos especially since this is before we cleaned the wound, than in person as my 4-H girls can attest to from last night as I had them help clean, medicate and re-bandage... great learning opportunity since a few own their own horses and others want to! Wound just needs to stay healthy and clean and keep the blood flow going well and the skin should regrow quickly...
    1841 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    Great bandage idea. Vetrycin is good stuff. Have you tried Derma-gel, it works wonders on wounds like this that have to granulate in to heal.
    1841 days ago
    Its possible she could have been spooked, startled or "chased" as she is in a large field with 10 acres or so of woods and creek beds behind and running through the pasture (they have to cross the creek to get from our side to the field and have been that way for better than 40 years) We replaced a lot of fencing though on an area sectioned off near the road for weekend turn out of lesson horses (we hand walk them to the road access and truck water down but keeps them in a smaller area on the grass so we can catch them on Mondays to go back to work :)

    More likely is that as Annie is an appaloosa which is most prone to Uveitis (Moon Blindness) and her vision is starting to fade which we didn't foresee as an issue due to her particular stage, being with a herd of 10 buddies in a pasture she has summered in many times over with improved visibility fencing versus the old 2 strand wire...

    Annie was out on foster care for the past year or so (and is one of the 3 reasons our facility will NEVER foster out sanctuary and rescue horses again!!!) and since her return she has been having worse cases of runny eyes as I suspect they were not giving her her meds, chronically lame in her shoulder, her back can't seem to hold chiropractic adjustments, we can't get her weight stabilized, abscesses in her feet due to not having proper trimming (she is very particular!) Not only does she have all of this NOW but in her 13 years with us she has always been a wreck... sick, injured or lame near constantly and with that plus her general age unfortunately the decision has been made that IF this wound takes a turn for the worse we will chose euthanasia rather than going to extreme treatments due to all of her of other health issues and limitations. :(
    1841 days ago
  • KD7IEM
    great way of the bandage.
    1841 days ago
  • GLC2009
    that's quite the injury. good bandage design. i love vetericyn too. it's amazing stuff.
    1841 days ago
    Poor horsey. Is there any chance she was being chased by something, i.e. dogs? We determined a couple of years back that a neighbor's dogs were getting into the pasture at night and chasing our old mare. Took game cameras to catch them in the act. Our Sheriff went and had a "chat" with the neighbor based on the evidence we caught with the game cameras. Has not happened since. Of course neighbor quit talking to us ... but we don't care. Our old gal no longer getting terrorized by dogs at night. She is a 26 year old, one-eyed, rescue pasture pet. Her life was miserable early on from abuse making us willing to do whatever necessary to ensure her golden years are peaceful and full of lots of love. We adopted her knowing her history and vowed she would have a good life with us.
    1841 days ago
  • JGIRL5799
    aweeee poor thing!!! That is an awesome bandage idea... I had to use ace wraps with the horses I trained, never thought of that.. I do miss training and working with my horses...

    Annie needs a bubble for protecting in hahahaha! Hope she gets better
    1842 days ago
    Oh the poor horse!!! Maybe you should cover her actually in the bubble wrap :)
    1842 days ago
    I like that Idea I wonder if it would work on the dogs also with a cone of course
    1842 days ago

    Thanks for sharing the bandage!
    1842 days ago
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