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"Doesn't try..she does"

Monday, June 03, 2013

"Jocelyn doesn't *try* to eat healthy... she does-- all the time," my co-worker declared to another in response to the question, "Ohhh.. are you trying to eat healthy?"

I previously assumed he didn't particularly like me, which only means that I feel like his declaration was something he genuinely observed. I admitted that I haven't been lately.. too eager to confess, afraid of someone asserting the opposite...

But the truth is, that I do. I did.

I brought my lunch today and was eating a reasonable wrap. It was a fast and easy lunch that I could find that was low in sodium, fat (even the whole thing, not just half!), and still tasty, from Trader Joe's.

I wrote down all of my foods today, the list growing longer than anticipated.
I paid attention to why and when I was feeling snacky.
I observed when I admitted to my co-workers that I was craving pizza over the weekend, and they jumped on the bandwagon to order it as a group.

Then I ended up being forced to take a brief and sudden lunch ("Do you *have* to eat now?" were the words that actually came from my boss -- to clarify if I had to eat simply because the law required that I take a break after so many hours, or if it was because I was hungry and needed food to make my brain work for the next task.) I declared it was necessity, made it "brief", as instructed, and ate in 10 minutes, sneaking work while waiting until I was legally allowed to clock back in after 30 minutes.

It's not always like that - but I often act like it is. It's hard to get out of that mode. It's hard for me to declare that, yes, I need to eat (for legal and other reasons). Yes, I can give myself permission to step away from my desk to do something other than go to the bathroom (that I held.. for too long).

Today I still ate the pizza that had gotten cold in the afternoon. I ate chocolate, I ate grapes that my friend brought, I got undeniably,incredibly snack-y under the stress of my tasks and ate too many cinnamon pita chips.

Someone was talking about candy... and I persuaded them to try some dried mango slabs that I had - sweet, like the fruity candy that she was craving. At the same time, that prevented them from making a run upstairs for the vending machines (which were tempting me if I let it become so--but prevented!).

So! June! Tracking!

-Easily 66 cups of water - a new record lately. When I get snacky, I will reach for my water. I will keep it filled up.

Food (*)= ok, but need to substitute, (+)= good choice, (-)replace/omit entirely:

Venti CM,NF quad shot (*)
...Used to be grande at most and about 100 cal. (-)
skipped the breakfast purchase, took breakfast w/me instead (+)

.5c grapes (+)
1 piece dried mango (+)
1 hard boiled egg (+)
2 dove chocolates (-)
13 choc covered almonds (-)
Kind Cranberry Almond bar (cal190,fat13,sat 1.5, sod 20, pota120, carb20, fib3, sug 12, prot3; A50%,C50%,cal4,Iron4%, E50%, B14, B2-6, B3-1, phos8, Mag 10,Zinc 4) (+)
Vietnamese Chicken Wrap, w/sauce (+)
Cinnamon Pita Chips, 1 serv (-)
Another serv, crumbs in the bag (-)
More choc almonds (-)
Lg piece pepperoni pizza, lt cheese, overcooked, cold, w/grated Parmesan (-)
More Dove choc (4?) (-)
Lg Iced Green Tea, lt sweetener (120 cal) (+)
4:30 - 6
more dried mango (1 serv) (+)
1 cup grapes (+)

Veggies are missing. I brought an organic, backyard-grown cucumber with me but never got it out of the fridge. Many of the Dove Chocl moments were when I was stress snacky or truly in need of some food, and veggies would have been a better choice.

A side of pita chips on an already carb-full lunch could've been baby carrots. I could've also had more sour green grapes instead of the almonds, but I didn't realize that until later.

Thinking about these tweaks is natural for me when I take the time to write down my food. It's even better if I track it here on Spark and don't have to guess (or delude myself) how many calories I could save.

So I will. After all, I am the girl who doesn't TRY to eat healthy, I do it. Always... at least, that's what my reputation is.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have a quick question and/or observation of my own about the work place: Does anyone you work with smoke? Because when I was in corporate (20 years ago) the smokers always came an went to throughout the day to have a cigarette - not always waiting for the 10am or 3pm breaktimes - to satisfy their "craving". Umm...so I bring this up to you: got anyone at work doing that? If so, bring it up to the boss, that your 10 minutes of eating time is a way better thing to do than a cigarette break - it keeps you healthy, reduces sick time, keeps you on task, etc. etc. basically it is the complete opposite of what smoker's do to their bodies and brains when they sneak outside to light up for 10 minutes...and you can eat healthy while continuing to work, while the smokers cannot!

    Keep going with that log! You got this Jocelyn!!!
    1811 days ago
    I think you're doing pretty well. :)

    A few ideas (I know you didn't ask for them, but ...).

    * Take plain almonds with you, not the chocolate-covered kind. They'll keep better, too (unrefrigerated chocolate in the summer months is not a good idea).
    * Consider Cheerios in a bag as a snack. Carb-heavy? Yes, but they've also got iron and protein. And they are another way to not head to the vending machine.
    * Ditch the Dove for raisins or craisins. Even sweetened craisins are better. Again, this is carb-ish, but they will keep, and they'll be a better choice than chocolate.
    * Bring crudités, not salad. Just make a ton over the weekend, put them into baggies and make them a part of what you take with you every day. This will get you your vegetables and, again, keep you away from the vending machine and away from the Dove (which I am guessing is at your desk).

    When I was out in the world of work, I kept the following at my desk at all times - fiber one bars, little bags of unsalted almonds, oatmeal packets, sweetener, tea in a ton of flavors and little soups for lunch. I ate that way most of the time, and saved my calories for later, and didn't feel the need to grab pizza when others ordered it.

    It's not a perfect system (the soups are pretty high in sodium, and these are actually better than most; they're Dr. McDougall, from Amazon), and it can get dull, but if you do this, say, 3 days/week, you'll save money and calories.
    1812 days ago
    emoticon Awesome Job of being Aware and Adjusting your Plan as needed. You never know when you are Spreading The Spark and Influencing those around you.
    1813 days ago
  • MARTY728
    emoticon How could he not notice? You have made progress and have an emoticon smile! emoticon
    1813 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    1814 days ago
    I think I need to sit down and do this with my food logs. Thank you for the inspiration! :)
    1814 days ago
  • KNH771
    emoticon You are making great progress! I love the co-workers pat on the back. Eating healthy doesn't mean sacrifice ALL of the time. Great for you!
    1814 days ago
    I like your positive attitude Jocelyn!

    My hubby once told me that every time I feel this overwhelming need to eat *something* I should take a short walk and see if the craving disappears. Let me know if that trick works for you because it certainly has not for me! If anything I obsessed about what I wanted to eat while I was walking around trying to forget about it.

    1814 days ago
    Keep up the great work!
    1814 days ago
    Keep trying to make the right choices...
    Every one (even the little ones) count!

    1814 days ago
    I love the critical analysis! You've got this, Joce. MUCHO support!
    1814 days ago
    That is awesomeeeee... People notice.. and now you have reputation to continue to live up to... Cool!
    1815 days ago
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