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I semi-successfully jogged tonight, kind of!

Monday, June 03, 2013

I slacked all day long since I was off work today. I did the usual incapable-of-controlling-mysel
f thing where I ate everything I could think of early on in the day so that I was basically out of calories by the afternoon, I got sleepy around 1pm or so and decided that dammit, I'm pregnant with twins, I can take a nap if I want to (plus it was soooo rainy out, how can you not get sleepy?) so I slept for about an hour. All this time I'm just procrastinating about my exercise, of course...I was supposed to lift weights and I was hoping that the rain might hold off and I could take a long bike ride outside. But the rain and thunder happened, so I had told myself I'd lift weights and either ride my stationary bike or try Zumba and see if my hip had healed enough to take it. But nooooo, I just kept putting everything off. Finally I got my butt in gear and started lifting around 5pm, finished a little after 6, and then since the rain had stopped...I decided to see if I could go jogging! I at least wanted to get outside and walk.

And I did manage to jog! Veeeeeeeery slowly, and not far, and not all in one go (I walked 3 minutes, jogged 5, walked 1, jogged 10, walked 1, jogged 10, walked 1, jogged 11, and then walked a couple more minutes to finish up), but still - I jogged! It felt so good at first that I actually smiled. Then my hip started hurting a bit and I had to take the pace down. It was more of an ungainly waddle-prance that barely moved me forward at all than any sort of real jog, but my hip was definitely bothering me a bit. Not so much that I felt I needed to stop, but enough that I had to go very slowly and take those periodic walking breaks. Cardio-wise, I could have kept going and gone much faster. But this stupid hip held me back from my usual pace. (Thanks a lot, BABIES. Just kidding, I love you! But seriously, you're kind of inconvenient sometimes...) In 45 minutes, I went 3.38 miles. When I was first starting to jog a couple years ago and 100 pounds heavier, that would be a decent enough pace. But I'm used to running 7-7.2 mph pre-pregnancy, and 6-6.5mph while pregnant. Including the walking periods, the fitness tracker calculated my pace tonight at 4.8mph. Oh well. Better than nothing, and better not to push myself too fast. We'll see tomorrow how my hip feels. It's a bit sore tonight, but I'm hoping I didn't re-injure it, that it's just weak from not being able to run for several weeks.

I will say that even if the hip hadn't been bothering me, I did definitely need the fabulous maternity support belt thingy I was wearing while jogging. I may be not-quite-five months pregnant, but between the twins and my own loose belly skin, my bump is bigger and sticks out way more than other women's would at this stage of a pregnancy, and I really needed extra support while bouncing up and down! God bless you, whoever invented these stretchy multi-piece velcro contraptions that have bands around the hips, the back, and over the belly. You are a genius.

UPDATE: I feel okay today! My hip is a little more sore than usual, but not terribly so. I think I will be able to try jogging (or rather, speed-waddling) again in a couple days maybe!
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    Glad you got out and had some exercise... not so glad that your hip is hurting! Do you have anything to help your hip? (anti-inflammatory cream, etc) Are you allowed to use / take anything like this while pregnant?
    2146 days ago
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