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June is starting off badly!

Monday, June 03, 2013

emoticon I started June so enthusiastically thinking if I ate the right foods and got at least 30 minutes of exercise every day! I knew there were little mistakes that had started to form a major block in my smooth road to my goal. It doesn't take much to offset your good intentions. Adding one of those little "fun-sized" candy bars to your food plan only adds about 85 calories. And did you know that as healthy as smoked almonds are, there are 170 calories in on 22 of those little nuts. You think 22 sounds like a pretty big number, but they are like popcorn, truly addictive!

I've also become an absolute fan of Molasses cookies sold at the Family Dollar store for only -- you got it, $1.00 for a package of 12. When I warm one up in the microwave for 10 to 12 seconds it becomes a dream treat that I've started looking forward to each and every day.

Well, I don't need to lay out in black and white all the bad choices that have been pulling at me, I need to maintain a "little" dignity. It's bad enough to admit all this to myself, but now all of you know also, and here I am, a team leader, a motivator, and I like to think of myself as someone you can turn to for support and guidance. How can I continue to present this fake front to everyone when I, myself, are as guilty as any of you?

While I see reasons why I may be gaining weight this month instead of losing, I do not see my food plan as putting me into a higher calorie range. And although I am in Phoenix right now with temps of 100F, I have been walking either very early or very late, or I go to the gym. Can it be that some particular food I've been eating is the culprit? Perhaps the handful of almonds (for me) may not be a good choice. Each person's body reacts differently to food. Perhaps for my body the reaction is to put on another pound. Maybe what my body really wants is a spinach salad, not crunchy salty, oh-so-satisfying almonds. Perhaps like my dog, my body doesn't realize what is really good for it -- or perhaps I'm living in a dream world and need to get real.

Have you ever noticed we can look at another person's daily lifestyle and pick out so very easily the mistakes they are making in their food plan and exercise activity, but when we look at ourselves we don't see any of the errors?

None of us are perfect. I already know this, and I'm certainly not an exception. All I can do is write down all the food that enters my mouth, see which items are showing up consistently -- and one by one test them by the process of elimination. My doctor did that one time with the vast collection of medication I was using to heal an infection in my right eye, and surprisingly it was the medication that we thought was the best that was the culprit. As soon as it was eliminated my problem began to heal itself. Strange how things work sometimes.

I don't know what this blog has proven. Maybe nothing. Or perhaps there is a little gem here that will cause one of you to take a harder look at what you are doing. If the results are not what you want, there is usually a reason.
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    emoticon emoticon
    1776 days ago
    I'm sure June will still be a great month for you it's only the beginning, you still have so many more days to go. We are all learning how to deal with these kind of things and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

    Discipline and self-control is what I'm learning now.

    emoticon my friend, I believe in you!

    1780 days ago
    You are like most of the rest of the team.. Human. What works for you may not works for someone else. We are each unique. Each has to find his or her path that is successful. So my advice is to keep doing what works for you and let the rest go. emoticon

    (And try the unsalted almonds.) emoticon
    1781 days ago
    I've been there... that $ store is so dangerous!

    I know you can get right back on track! Good luck!
    emoticon emoticon
    1781 days ago
    I bought the m @m candy and I didn't just take one, I took handfulls so I knew then they had to go and I miss them. boo hoo.
    1782 days ago
    I got those almonds too and love them and every night I think a few won't hurt but they are like popcorn you want more and more - night time is my bad time I just want something to eat while watching TV and with my glass of wine - We both will find out what is good for us and then watch out the scale is going to like us - we both have come a long way and someone told me as long as we are trying we are on the right track so just keep trying
    1782 days ago
    Very honest blog, Eve! And we all go through that.

    And oh my goodness... I know those molasses cookies you're talking about... we get them from the Dollar store here... emoticon (this pic'll have to do!)

    Yes indeed - 12 cookies or more for a $1.00. what a bargain... emoticon or is it?

    anyway, I know how you feel... my particular weakness though is anything Italian food. Love the pasta, cheese, etc. I better go on the treadmill.. I think I gained weight just thinking about it! emoticon
    1783 days ago
    Hi Eve, Loved your blog because it's so raw and honest. You're right~ isn't it easy to see what's going on for another, yet not so easy to see what's going on with ourselves. It's all a very personal journey. Only "I" know how my body reacts and responds to various foods. Only "I" know if I'm being honest with myself or listening to my own body's cues. Sometimes I wish I could go live on a desert island all by myself and eat only fresh fruit whenever I wanted. Would that be awesome or what!?! Well for awhile anyway LOL. The month of June is young~ enjoy the rest of the month one day at a time, and don't spend one minute noodling over what if's. Please stop by Prescott when you get a chance! You'll see I'm only at the very beginning of my getting down to business. So I have NO advice, only a big emoticon for a sweetie of a lady. emoticon
    PS Please see my only blog~ I've already lost 2" off my waist in less than a week of ditching the Wicked Trio. I was SO bloated. Feeling much more energetic.
    1783 days ago
  • DALID414
    I started inputting my breakfast and lunch the night before and seeing what my body 'craved' during snack time. If I can fit it in AND still have a good amount of calories for dinner I'll have it, if not I find a similar alternative. Unfortunately, we can't always have our emoticon and not have it show up on the emoticon emoticon
    1783 days ago
    I know we all have some areas that we need to improve on, but I gotta say that we need to maintain perspective. If we didn't eat anything, we'd lose weight right? But there's a lot of variables between where we are and starving ourselves. Not to mention, that life is meant to be enjoyed!
    as R always says:
    Everything in moderation, including moderation!

    Don't get down on yourself. You are doing well, you are healthy and have energy. Just keep eating well and exercising and you will be fine.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1783 days ago
    I assure you, that you are not that different than the rest of us. Sometimes just putting it all in writing will wake us up. We all struggle with something and food is a problem for all of us, or we wouldn't be here on Spark People. Just take it One Step at a time, Day by Day. emoticon (((Hugs)))
    1783 days ago
    Yep, I have come to the conclusion just as the bible says... no one is perfect no not one. Try not to be hard on yourself...we ALL face the same struggles in the battle of the bulge.

    You still motivate me and people that are transparent are much easier to relate too when you are imperfect like me. :)


    1783 days ago
    You'll get there. emoticon emoticon
    1783 days ago
  • LIS193
    Eve, it is not just about the calories but more about what you eat and how your body reacts to it.
    I can eat a 100 cal slice of bread and be up a pound the next day but eat a 500 cal steak and lose - go figure! Those cookies sounds delicious but I know I cannot indulge in wheat products: instant gain :(
    Good luck figuring out what works for you and what doesn't - don't let a few snacks de-rail your good efforts!! They aren't worth it (unfortunately)
    1783 days ago
    1783 days ago
    I feel ya, my friend! I think you have a great idea about tracking every bite and finding out, without a doubt what your downfall has been. Also, please, dear is only June 3! You haven't had enough month to say how bad it is going, have you? Anyway, you'll find your answer, I know it and you will fix it! I know that too! Take a deep breath and continue your journey! You're going to do just fine! (((HUGS)))

    1783 days ago
  • SKATER787
    I don't think you can ever win with processed foods. All processed foods contain industrial salt. The wrong kind of salt. Never the good salts like Himalayan or Celtic. It's a different class altogether. I would finish off what you got and never buy them again. LOL. Yes, that's contrary to what other people will tell you to throw them out. If you do that, then it's unfinished business and you'll still be longing for them. Even the Molasses cookies are no good, IMO. Then replace your snack habit with watermelon and cantaloupe. Eat your regular diet with high protein foods combined with the melons would be my suggestions. No processed foods of any kind. What do you think?
    1783 days ago
    Don't get discouraged!
    1783 days ago
    Nice blog! You are correct what's good for one person to eat (they lose weight) is not necessarily good for someone else (although 1 handful of nuts isn't going to do much/any damage unless there are several handfuls).
    I can commiserate (spelling?) with your thoughts around finding what foods work for you vs. someone else. Have been told many times about soy and tofu,avocado, etc. - - -Yuck! All 3 make me ill.
    Again, you're correct - we all need to look harder at what we do with food as well as in general life. If the results aren't what you want/make you happy...look inward. There's a reason.
    SCOTMAMA - remember it's only the 3rd day of the month. You have 27 more chances.
    1783 days ago
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