no one wants the fat kid!!

Monday, June 03, 2013

it has been said that the one last prejudice seemingly acceptable in our society is against FAT people - indeed there is even an onslaught of products and prejudicial remarks against FAT PETS. oh yes - there is always - 'IT IS A HEALTH THING' and of course that is a component of why the persons or pets' owners take action to try and improve things. BUT REALLY NO - some corporations who make millions are 'grateful' for us overweights, people who like to ridicule and insult are very thankful to take rancor out on us.
i remember being a chubby kid - i was good enough to use my brains and help others (family or otherwise) with school work, i was good enough to be taken up to a relatives cottage in the spring to help clean, scour and get the place ready for every one else to enjoy in the summer - i was never asked back when all the fun was taking place. i remember walking to the small beach - everyone walking in front or behind me - never WITH ME. i was CHUBBY - honestly - not grotesquely over weight. not that the degree of excess weight is the issue - but i felt how i was 'excommunicated' from everything.

the classic 'last kid picked' at the park for sports - that was me - i was very good at volleyball , roller skating, jump rope etc. but i usually waited things out at the side lines. if girls played hockey back then - i would have loved it.

as i said - we are all intelligent, kind, caring people - who do these people think they are - why do they feel that they have to take all their INSECURITIES out on others.
unfortunately - when i see my children going through these same issues - i am furious.
when i walk into a clothing store - i smile immediately at the help and assure them i am just browsing - the look of relief on their faces speaks volumes. i have actually had some respond - 'we have nothing for YOU here'. i compliment them on their knowledge of stock, every single one of the thousands of items in the store including accessories - i guess A SCARF for me is out of the question??!! and go on my way,.
how about all you FAT BULLIES out there take a good long deep look at yourselves in the mirror. remember it takes half the facial muscles and energy to SMILE and be nice than the scowls, frowns and negativity you project.
TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE -- and LOVE YOURSELF - you are special, unique and beautiful
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We have to love ourselves as we are now. There's lots of jerks out there. We can hold ourselves to a higher standard.
    2140 days ago
    Those type of people are not worth our time. Have a good day!
    2145 days ago
  • ASH72461
    I hate to see people being judged on their size
    after all we are all human
    and it seems to me the same people judging may be the same as the one they are judging today
    talk about karma
    biting you in the butt emoticon
    2146 days ago
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