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Monday, June 03, 2013

I am officially in the zone.
I am motivated.
I am determined.
I am positive.
... I am a little scared.
I have been in the zone before. It is great and I always feel like I could just do this forever! It almost gets "easy." Then somehow it stops. Usually right after I get just below 170.
I am really fearful that I will just let that happen again.
What am I doing differently this time?
1) My calorie ranges are MUCH higher. I realize that I could never maintain a lifestyle eating only 1200 calories a day. Frankly, based on my BMR, that is not even enough to keep me going even if I did NO exercise! My range now is 1,730-2,080. That may sound like a lot to some of you, but with my exercise schedule it works. The fact is, I have been losing about a pound a week doing this, so you can't fight the results. Eating less than that will ruin my metabolism... do NOT want to do that!
2) I have found exercise that works with my body issues. I have shoes that work for me - the only ones I can run in comfortably... So my DH called the company when they discontinued the model and got me ALL (YES! ALL!) the remaining shoes in my size from all over the country. They shipped them to my local store and now I have about 15 pairs so I need not worry. I have found the BEST Zumba classes which I love and don't even feel like exercise. I have found Pilates (one on one with a trainer - my one big indulgence) Pilates has repaired my body more than physical therapy and has taught me to move in proper alignment and has gotten rid of so much of my pain.
3) I am enjoying myself. I am NOT dieting. I am creating a lifestyle. A healthy one.

So that's where I am. Still have my fears, but am very committed to doing this and going all the way... 5% challenge by 5% challenge... and I won't be afraid to lose a little weight in between challenges as well!!!!!
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