Black & White Thinking

Monday, June 03, 2013

Black and white thinking is our tendency to look at the world in terms of “all or nothing.” My husband & I had a running joke that he was black & white and I was all or nothing-but we but learned that by engaging in this type of thinking, it can actually cause a lot of unnecessary problems in our life,such as increased stress,depression & strained relationships.

Black and white thinking limits our perspective& we miss out on alternative ways of viewing the world. Black and white thinking often creates a false choice between “A” and “B,” when “C” is the more accurate and helpful view. Unfortunately, if we only think in black and white terms, then we are unlikely to even consider “C” a possibility in the first place.

Black and white thinking increases depression by creating artificial “needs” in our life that lead to disappointment and depression.
The cognitive-based psychotherapist Albert Ellis called one example of this “musterbation.” This is our tendency to think that we must have something, or we must do something, or life must be a certain way – or it will be awful.
Black and white thinking doesn’t open us up to the possibility that even if life doesn’t work out exactly the way we think it should, we can still find happiness

Black and white thinking makes us less adaptive,and hinders our growth as individuals. It’s also what keeps us stuck in old habits and thought patterns. By trying new approaches with an open mind we can avoid always be trapped with our same limitations.

Black and white thinking makes us less willing to compromise.
Black and white thinking doesn’t just hurt us, but also the relationships we try to build with other people. When we think everything needs to be a specific way, and we aren’t willing to deviate,it is frustrating to everyone. Flexibility leads to building stronger & happier relationships .

It is amazing when we leave the black & white,all or nothing way of thinking & begin to see all the possibilities. Step outside the box and breathe in the colors.

I found this song which sums it up in an awesome way...

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