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May slips away and June marches in

Monday, June 03, 2013

Oh my, oh my. Another month bites the dust, and another month gone, etc.

Where did I get to with regards to my goals?

1) Track eating daily emoticon
I'm a teensy bit behind right this moment as I went clubbing last night, got up early to go to a social gathering, then hit the gym. But once I finish this blog post, that's next on my task list. Otherwise I have tracked every day since I restarted doing so near the beginning of the month.

2) Avg calories to 2050 emoticon
Definitely did not put much effort into this. My actual average for May was 3400. Yeah, whoops! I'm higher than I want to be, for sure. I actually touched my upper limit of 180 one day (day before TOM started), but I'm tickling just below. BUT, and this is the part that kept me from getting strict with myself about daily calories, I only gained 0.5 pounds over the entire month. For a month in which I walked to and from work less often, had a couple of days when social activities interfered with my gym schedule, and dog walks dwindled to pretty much non-existent (they're moving out very soon) and eating nearly 1000 more calories daily than the BMR calculation says I'd need to maintain, that tells me chopping to 2050 might not be reasonable so I'm re-evaluating that.

3) Simplify workout tracking emoticon emoticon
Didn't spend much time working on this. I did try to make a couple groupings on SP, but that just does NOT work the way I want. Mostly I've been entering it here for the calories burned number. What I've been watching in May is the typical numbers I burn -- which tend to be 400 on days I do strength training or trail-walking and 800 on days I do an hour of gym cardio. My average in May was 550 calories daily. My plan to simplify the tracking is actually to stop tracking calories burned at all and just track workout information using the JEFit app. (Hence the squiggly mouth as I didn't simplify it in May, but the smile as May led to this plan for simplifying.)

4) Write, write, and write emoticon emoticon
I have been writing more, but have not gotten back to my novel started for Nanowrimo. Recently I uncovered one reason I'm having trouble with it and have been letting that percolate while I write other things. I do have several goals set for June in the writing arena, and actually did accomplish one thing in May related to writing which is kind of amusing -- I decided on a "pen name" and set up a couple of accounts using it. I have also done one other thing, purely mental, and that is to recognize my negative self-talk in that arena and start battling it with positive self-talk. I ~AM~ a writer. I spell well, have a strong vocabulary, and can write better than quite a few self-published books out there. I can and will be a published author.

5) Socialize and recharge in balance emoticon
As I mentioned in one of my status updates, I've been getting a bit more socialized than recharged. These first few days of June have continued that trend, but my obligations taper off in about a week and I hope to get a needed breather. I have been recharging enough to not get stressed, but not enough to seek out more socializing such as here.

6) Active on SparkTeams and with SparkFriends within reason emoticon
Yeah, this one fell somewhat astray due to the lack of complete recharging. I did pop into one of the teams I lead several times through the month, but it's been real quiet and losing people here and there. (I'm actually in a quandary on that team as I don't know if I'll get back to the point of giving as much time and energy as I once did, but I hate to give up on it.

Not as well as I might have liked, but getting the tracking back in has been good and I'm moving in the right direction as June gets under way. So, time for some June goals:

1) Average calories under 3000.
The biggest reason is that during May I averaged 3400 calories in but only gained half a pound over that whole period (which would equate to about 100 calories excess per day). As long as my activity remains consistent, 3000 would swing the needle back to the losing side in a gradual manner. I can again evaluate at the end of June based on weight trend whether I need to lower it further.

2) Push up my cardio intensity
I've been doing this sporadically, but really want to make fitness and health the big focus of my cardio workouts. (This ties into not tracking it on SP any more, in fact. I won't be wasting attention on getting a number of minutes and calories burned - instead focusing on how my heart rate and breathing during the workout are as I push harder and faster.)

3) Short story or poem for submission
One of the other members of our writer's group is doing a project. It involves getting a bunch of writers to volunteer content, publishing them as a book (in online format only at first), and then donating all proceeds to a chosen charity.

4) Financial planning
I've been tracking and budgeting for quite some time now, but this is different from a budget. A budget gives a limit, of sorts, and an idea of how much to expect to spend, but doesn't really show cash available day to day and predict whether a future need might be more than I have available. Years ago I had a spreadsheet that tracked what my available balance would be based on all my expected expenses, so I could see that spending $30 on clothes today could lead to being overdrawn when I paid rent in two months unless I cut some other expense. What I'm leaning toward now is actually an "expense account" - a separate account into which I move the weekly amount needed for all expected expenses (as in 1/4 of rent, 1/12 of expected fed and state taxes). That would leave only discretionary income in the easily accessible account for expenses like clothing or entertainment.

I think I'll stick with just these four goals and a plan to meet all of them in June.

Yes, I left out the recharging and the activity on SparkPeople. I don't plan to go poof, and I do hope to be more active on a couple teams and with specific friends, but making any particular commitment for June is something I want to avoid so that I can avoid burning out with feeling I "should" be doing something rather than doing it because I really want to.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your goals, you can do them. They aren't so hard that you are setting yourself up for failure, but not to easy they aren't worth it. Good for you getting out and socializing, we all need that from time to time. Go you!!!
    1780 days ago
    Miss "seeing" you every day. You have become quite the social butterfly. LOL I hope your June turns out just the way you plan.
    1780 days ago
    You have good doable goals in place for June. I hope you see super results. emoticon emoticon
    1781 days ago
    Simplicity, just might be the key!

    Glad you are still here!
    1781 days ago
  • KJACOBS1111
    Wow, you have a lot of goals for the month! I've just started setting written goals for myself again, my temptation is always to have too many goals and to expect perfection from myself, so I always have to re-think them several times to set myself up for success & motivation from them instead of failure.

    I am a writer and a poet too :) I guess I think of it this way...A writer writes and an author publishes...they are two very different skill sets. Have you read Stephen King's book on writing, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft? It is very inspirational.
    1781 days ago
  • KARL1266
    Good job with the goals as you laid them out. Everyday life can sometimes throw us off our intended path but the smart plan is to always roll with the punches and adjust as needed.

    I especially like your thought on writing. As you know I am trying to get myself motivated to continue my own writing project and maybe I'm my own worst enemy.

    As always you leave me with much to ponder! I thank you for that! Have a great month achieving your goals!
    1781 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1781 days ago
    1781 days ago
    I am concentrating on your writing comments. Writing is so personal and brave. Write this month.
    1781 days ago
    I really like your analysis of your May goals and the way you use that to help set your June goals. Good luck!
    emoticon emoticon
    1781 days ago
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