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Getting to Graduation - the Saga of Making up Athletic Credits

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Okay, I'll admit that my son goes to a really "crunch, hippy, progressive" high school. They have really cool classes that combine science and art, English and food things that make dry subjects kind of interesting. The schedule is really interesting, too. There are 7 5-week Mods. They only take 3-4 classes a mod but the classes are 1-1/2 to 2 hours long. Think, intensely focusing on only 3-4 subjects with final papers in most of them at the end of the 5 weeks. This means that they have the opportunity to take a lot of really, really cool classes. (Made me want to go to high school again and I had a severe dislike of time period.) You cannot graduate from this school without the required English, Science, History, Math and Language credits - similar to most schools, but!!! you also cannot graduate without taking classes in 3 out of 4 arts disciplines (visual, dance, music, drama). It's the perfect school for my son. However, you apparently cannot graduate without the requisite athletic credits. Wait, hippy, progressive school and you have to have athletic credits? Yup! And guess what, he was short 1 (only 1) athletic credit. That one credit could keep him from graduating. He's not the only kid in this situation but graduation if Friday and the credit has to be made up by Wednesday. And it has to be 30 hours in one Mod to be one credit. Normally, he would have been able to make up this credit when he had a free 4th class but they didn't notify him that he was short until January and he had no free class blocks left. Ugh. So, what's the answer - weekend activities. In this case, hiking.

Now, let me clarify - No one in this family is an athlete! We are not avid hikers. My DH and I are the three o's: old, overweight, and out of shape. He's only 10-20 lbs over but I'm 30-40 lbs. I'm 5'3-1/2" (on a good day) and weight 171 lbs, and 51. DH is 5'8" and 61. (We both have birthdays next month.) My son, is not overweight but his primary "physical" activity is karate on Saturday mornings and whatever dance is required by the musical he's in.

So, he went hiking with his friends Zak (also in the same situation) and Ben (not short a credit but robo-hiker extraordinaire, last weekend. They did two mountain hikes, camping in between. However, this is New England! Last weekend they had rain, sleet, and snow while camping and hiking. This experience defined "miserable" for my son. And, after all that, it was only worth 15 of the 30 hours to make up the credit - it was only worth a 1/2 the credit he needs to graduate.

So, after some back and forth with the Athletic Director (who is no favorite of my son or his mother!) we embarked on hiking as a family this weekend. However, he also had to fit in a haircut and the Prom; we got all that done, too. And, the weather this week? in the 90's. It's not really hiking weather. It's the extreme opposite of last week.

Here is my advice to those of you who are thinking - oh, that could be fun! DO NOT START YOUR HIKING EXPERIENCE WITH DIFFICULT TRAILS! Or how about this one? HOBBITS SHOULDN'T HIKE MOUNTAINS! I, the hobbit, made it through, somehow. I'm sure I burned a tremendous amount of calories. Next time? I don't listen to Rangers or DH when they say, "it doesn't look that steep on the map."

We did get it done, however and that should be it. This is the last week of school. No more athletic credits. Come this fall, we ship him off to college...

So, here are a few photos:

Midway through yesterday's hike. Yes, that's a pith helmet and it was the perfect hat.

Checking out the trail

Checking the map

oh, right - it's a mountain.

What the car read at the end of yesterday's hike.

DH on the trail yesterday.

We'll have more pics from today's hike but they're not uploaded yet. Let's just say, yesterday we were in the Blue Hills. Today was Mount Monadnock. The hills are foothills. The Mount - was just that.

Time for a very long soak...
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    emoticon emoticon

    Sounds like you all had fun!

    1842 days ago
    Wahoo!!! He made it. I love your line about the three o"s. My husband and I fit that description completely. My husband, however, has four o's. Old, overweight, out of shape, and one-legged. It does slow him down in the hiking department. Glad you found such a great way to meet your son's requirement.
    1843 days ago
  • RIGEIN24
    Haha I like how you compared yourself to a hobbit. I can just hear Martin Freeman's Bilbo yelling "HOBBITS SHOULDN'T HIKE MOUNTAINS!" with the same frustration you had. So maybe your trek was arduous but I bet you and your family will laugh about it later. I'm glad it got taken care of for your son! His school sounds nice...barring their oversights, that is.
    1843 days ago
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