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My Progress So Far Goals For June

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Even thought I have just started here I wanted to check in and let everyone know how I'm doing.
I have started getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night for the first time in a long time.
I sure it is because I'm getting off my butt and moving around lol.
I'm really enjoying cooking at home again instead of making quick easy box meals.
I'm also loving my walks even if they do make my feet hurt emoticon
I'm having a really hard time with sitting down and making my self three times a day, but I'm working really hard to achieve this.
Even thought it is to soon to tell if I have lost any weight yet or not it seems like my pants are fitting better. It just might be in my head IDK but even if it is i don't care as it makes me feel good.

June is here so I need to set my goals.
I'm not to focused on the amount of weight I lose this month as I'm to getting in the habit of healthy choice, and working on mind set, but a 4-5 lb lose would be nice emoticon

(1) Stay with in my calorie limit. This is a big one for me as I'm a mindless eater. I will grab a handful of this, and bite of that with out even think of it, or on some days I wont even eat all. I have always been a yo yo eater, so I think this is a must if I want to succeed.

(2) Sit down and eat three meals a day. I never set down and eat, like ever. I like to grab and go when I can. So for me to mindful of what and when I eat, I have got to sit down and eat, and I want to try not skipping any meals.

(3) Drink my water. I think everyone might have a hard time with this at first. I love my teas, and soda, and anything sweet, so going to water is a bit hard, but I have fount that adding a bit of lemon to it really helps. So I do not think this is be a big issue.

(4) Walk at least 15 minutes 5 time a week. I love being outside but I still have a big lazy I don't Want To bone. So I think this will be a good way to real that baby in.

(5) Do some kind of dance 3 times a week. I love to dance and it is good for the soul. It is just a matter of me getting up and doing it.

(6) find something to lough about everyday. You know what they say laughter is the best medicine. Time to put that to the test.

(7) Have a family night once a week. I think it is time to reconnect with my family and build up our relationship even more.


If I mess up I'm not going to give up, messing up one day is not the end of the world, there is always tomorrow, And I will not mess up the whole day if a fail at one thing. It is not a excuse if I don't don't get all my water in one day to go ahead and over eat, or if I don't work out to skip drinking my water and so on. One bubo dose not rune anything. Just pick up where I left off.


(1) Try a new fruit, veggie, or recipe 3 times a week

(2) Try a new workout 2 times a week. With all the amazing videos on here and online this could be a lot of fun

My Rewards
goals for 1 week I well get a new nail polish
goals for 2 weeks I well get a new kindle book
goals for 3 weeks I well get a Water bottle
Goals for 4 weeks I well get a new movie

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