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Sunday, June 02, 2013

So, it's been a couple of weeks since I've written anything. Life is pretty much the same. Once the clothes purging ended I lost my cleaning momentum and have not regained it yet. That tends to stress me out as son's wedding is in about 7 weeks and we'll have people visiting as well as staying with us. My list is so long I think I am frozen. Not sure what to do first so I'm doing nothing. In addition, lots of errands to be run as well as daily chores. I'm feeling overwhelmed!!
My exercise has been sporadic. My eating has been fairly good but I haven't tracked for awhile. I'm having the same results as when I exercise daily and track my food daily---nothing. The scale is not moving--which is a good thing 'cause it would only go up!!
I had my second dress fitting yesterday. It fits!! She let out about a half inch on each side and it fits fine--now it needs to be hemmed. There is a caveat to "it fits"--I am wearing a long line (i.e., corset!) bra on the top half and spanx on the bottom half. I think my dance moves may be impacted emoticon and I anticipate significant gas pain by the end of the evening! emoticon
On Thursday we are heading to Myrtle Beach with some dear friends for a long weekend. (yeah, I know .....the last thing I should be doing but plans were made last winter when it seemed like a good idea and I did not have my current to do list.) I'm hoping I return refreshed and motivated to get things done!!!
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    Oh how long those TTD lists are when a wedding is in the offing. Sending you lots of hugs for that.

    I just finished listening to Martha Beck's 4 Day Win again and realized how good it is and how many of her techniques I've folded into my life.
    1814 days ago
    I may have some company coming too. Eeek!!! Like I said, It's time to break out the big excuses like, "Sorry we haven't had much time to clean up since the F4 tornado hit." Or. "Gosh, sorry the house is a mess. I had no idea when Obama called and asked me to join his private think tank on global warming, immigration reform, and gay marriage that it would consume so much of my free time." Or, "God knows I love a tidy house but we are so close to a breakthrough in the cancer vaccine I am developing. It was either a clean house or saving mankind and I chose the latter." Or, "My doctor says absolutely under no circumstances am I to do any cleaning since I fell on my face and bruised my frontal cortex. It could cause a subdural hematoma and lead to death and my family needs me." Or my favorite, "I'm not feeling the cleaning. Get over it. You want clean - go to the Marriott. Did you come to see the house or me?"

    Are you being fitted for a dress or a straight jacket? LOL. Sounds very Egyptian, like preparing a mummy instead of a mommy. I could not stand it.

    Myrtle Beach sounds good to me. Maybe you could hide while there and fake amnesia/alzheimers and be found after the wedding is over. If you are hiding in Myrtle Beach I could be coaxed into joining you. I'm good at pretending to be brain dead, especially if there is a beach around.
    1818 days ago
    Enjoy the heck out of that long weekend and recharge your batteries! Then you can come home, look around with a fresh eye and prioritize what needs to be done first and what the "low-hanging fruits" are that will give you the most clean/order for the time spent. You can do it!
    1818 days ago
    I'm thinking the long weekend might be a good thing. Relax, enjoy and then go home ready to prioritize that list and get moving.
    In theory, at least, it sounds good emoticon
    1819 days ago
    Wow! The wedding is so close! Love how you described your dress :-) Have an awesome time away and relax some!
    1820 days ago
    Have a wonderful trip. I hope getting away refreshes you!
    1820 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    Leave the To Do list at home, physically and mentally, and enjoy the long weekend with your friends.

    I do completely understand that feeling of having so much to do that you're unable to move at all. I've literally been stuck for *years* at some jobs because of's not procrastination so much as fear, I think - once we start it, we're doomed to keep at it until either it's done or we perish...and perish has the best odds. So we get around the problem by looking the other way and humming loudly to ourselves, which only adds to the stress around the issue

    Any chance you could hire some help (or delegate to someone else) for some of the tasks? Instead of looking at the list as things that you need to do, think of it as a list of things that need to be done, then see which ones you can allow others to help with. (Yes, "allow", not "push off on." Lots of perfectly capable people would be delighted to help - or be hired - so line 'em up.)

    What I also suggest is that as long as the bride and groom, the significant family and friends, and the clergyperson show up, the rest is just details.
    1820 days ago
    You must must must (when you get back!)
    rework your to-do list so you only have ONE day's goals-
    hide the long list.
    Tackle it in bits.
    Or even set the timer for 30 minutes and do nothing but one thing for that long.
    1820 days ago
    When life get overwhelming, don't forget to breathe!
    1820 days ago
    Have fun in myrtle beach!!!!

    1820 days ago
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