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May Wrap Up

Saturday, June 01, 2013

In order to accomplish my 2013 New Year's Resolutions, I am reporting at the end of each month on my progress. This really helps me to stay motivated and keep my goals in mind. Overall this month has been a set back. Time to get back to it.

Read the Bible through this year. –
Jan 2013- on track
Feb 2013-on track
Mar 2013-on track
Apr 2013-on track
May 2013-on track

Write scripture in my own hand (open ended....no completion date) The long term goal is to eventually have written out the whole bible in my hand.
January 2013 -I have written the book of Genesis
Feb 2013- James, Nehemiah
Mar 2013- Proverbs
Apr 2013- 1 Peter, 2 Peter
May 2013- :( didn't do this

Increase my walking to at least 10000 steps per day. I am starting at 5000 and adding 1000 steps every two weeks until I get there.
January 2013- Averaged just under 5000 steps/day
February 2013- Averaged 7015 steps/day (last seven days have been over 10000)
March 2013- Averaged 8270 steps/day
Apr 2013- Averaged 6,325 steps/day
May 2013-Averaged 5239 steps/day (I'm getting worse, not better :()

Lose weight: Ideally I would love to be at goal by the time I am 50 years old....but I am just going to say that ANY loss will be good. To do this I am going to strive to only eat when I am physically hungry.
January 2013- gained 4 lbs.
Feb 2013: lost 7.5 lbs this month ; lost 3.5 for year.
March 2013: -4 lbs for year
April 2013: -3.5 lbs for year
May 2013: - 2lbs for year

Prepare a women's Bible Study workshop ( I have been asked to speak in August :).

January 2013- I am in the research/brainstorm phase of this project.
Feb 2013: Decided topic will be The Spirit Controlled Temperament
Mar 2013: I did some research and bought some resources. Still brainstorming.
Apr 2013: Read a few chapters of a resource, thought about changing topic :)
May 2013: Changed topic, read some resources, started an outline

Read at least one non-fiction book each month.
January 2013: I read about 1/2 of Made to Crave. I will try to make this goal up in Feb.
Feb 2013: I finished Made to Crave by Lisa Terkurst and also read It’s Not My Fault : The No Excuse Plan For Overcoming Life’s Obstacles by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
March 2013: 10 Things Every Minister's Wife Needs to Know by Jeana Floyd
April 2013: Read a few chapters of The Spirit Controlled Woman...not finished.
May 2013: Read a few chapters of She's Got Issues by Nicole Unis...not finished.

Take a multi-vitamin every day.
January 2013- Ummm...I bought some vitamins and I took some vitamins....but I am not being consistent.
Feb 2013 For this year I have taken 28/59 or 47%
March 2013: 54/90 or 60%
April 2013 66 /120 or 55%
May 2013 66/151 or 44%

Make a few new friends.
January 2013: Progressing well on this. I have learned many new names as a result of joining my Church.
Feb 2013: Met a new friend for lunch one day.
March 2013: Developed friendships within my church.
April 2013: My husband is pastoring a new church...so new friendships all over the place :).
May 2013: Made a new friend in my bible study.

Worry less, focus on the positive, love more...
January 2013: Still struggling with this. It is hard to quantify...but I am judging this based on my jaw clenching...which is still happening, but not as frequently as in the past.
Feb 2013: I’ve done a little better. I’ve gotten better sleep this month and less jaw clinching. Still not sure how to quantify this.
March 2013: I have felt more positive this month overall. I try to turn my worries into prayers. I've tried to be more intentional with my family in showing love.
Apr 2013: Started off the month great, but went through the candidating process with the church and got pretty stressed out and went into the turtle mode...didn't do as well this month on my goals because of stress. Because of the turtle mode...not feeling my feelings...stuffing them.
May 2013: Doing pretty good at dealing with stress, sleeping good

Do something courageous!
January 2013: Courageous act- Going on that interview with Mike.
Feb 2013: I didn’t do anything super courageous this month.
Mar 2013: I can't think of anything.
Apr 2013: Candidating process at new church.
May 2013: not anything super courageous. I did walk down a steep grade to a waterfall.
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