I found it!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The other night, I was changing for bed. I took off my blouse in the dim light (dh was already asleep), and wasn't sure what I was looking at. It then dawned on me - my WAIST!

It's back!

Oh, how I've missed it!

You see, I have always been bottom-heavy. Even on my wedding day, with all 125 lbs of me, my hips and bottom were disproportionately bigger than my upper half. But my waist has always been tiny in comparison (so have my breasts, but that's another blog).

Well, with 50 extra pounds on my frame, one of my favourite features was covered. In fat.

But not anymore, 10 lbs down, and it has started to re-assert itself. And with it, I've found my motivation again. It must have been hiding under that fat roll all along!


Now, directly under my new-found smaller waist is a tummy roll of gigantic proportions, but I can only do this one day, one workout, one nutritional choice at a time.

Stay tuned, though, for an "I found my hip bones" blog!

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