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Friday, May 31, 2013

Ok. So my older sister has been quite stressed. And in that stress has put on some weight. It's always been hard to tell her when it happens because she takes things pretty hard, but she's noticed herself and finally has decided to do something about it.
Living in Kansas, as other Kansans might know about it, we started the Slim4Life diet. Now Bis (my sister) has done this before. Since it's a real diet center where it's on location and you have a coach, and instructions and materials like diet pills and all, it wasn't cheap. Weighing in was great for her, but she couldn't do the supplements; no one in our family can our body's and digestive systems are just too sensitive and ill to handle them - plus they aren't great for you anyway. However, since she did it once, we still had instructions for what was necessary to lose the weight. So, in order to help each other we decided to do it together. I forgot though why she hated doing it so much...
The first three days are what's called a meat cleanse. You are required to eat 3 POUNDS of meat (any meat (besides pork) but they HIGHLY suggest just beef, the more BEEF you eat the more you lose) and then as many green veggies as you want, as well as 80 oz of water, 1 egg if you want, half an orange for breakfast and another half before 6pm, and only 1/4 tsp of salt. Any seasonings you want on the meat as long as there is no salt and you can marinate the beef in fat free vinaigrette dressings if you want.
3 Pounds of meat? I can totally do that, Meat is delicious and eating three pounds before 6 pm will be... Not easy, but not something I can't handle. That's what you'd think right? WRONG.
Oh my goodness, these last few days were probably some of the hardest I have ever done. Who would have thought it could have been so hard!?! Meat... Meat... Meat... That's all. Green Veggies except peas. Very bland but refreshing after so much heavy food. And believe me, that orange? Yes it's extra food but my gosh, that little piece of fruit was my lifesaver these three days, it was all I looked forward to. I don't think I'm ever going to eat Beef again. Breakfast these three days consisted of Day 1: Half an arm roast, Day 2: Three Cubed Steaks, Day 3: 2 Hamburger Patties. Lunch was Day 1: 8 oz Ribeye, Day 2: 4 Hamburger Patties, Day 3: 2 lbs of Taco Meat. Dinner consisted of Day 1: 1 lb ground beef, Day 2: 1.5 lb Beef tips, Day 3: 12 oz tritrip steak
I almost died. I'm not even kidding you. All year I've been lucky to eat ONE meat a day. Let alone three times that much in one sitting.
The point of this three day kickstart is first to kickstart the metabolism. Stick nine pounds of dense beef in your system and your body has no choice but to start digesting and burning it faster. The second is to kick out the cravings. Slim4Life wants to make it easier to resist all of the fat foods at the start of your diet. So pumping you full of meat and 200-300 g of protein kills any desire to eat more, and the protein removes even the thought of going for a bag of chips or candy bar. Third it helps you to start the real diet much easier, because after three straight days of meat, you can do nothing but rejoice at the fact that you get 4 veggie servings, 3 fruit servings, 3 proteins, 1 meat and 1 fat a day. It's truly awesome haha.
Anyway. Moral of the story. I was severely nervous about this start. They guarantee you lose weight by these first three days. If you stick to it and don't cheat, you'll lose anywhere from 6-13 lbs, then you go on the real diet to keep it off and continue losing. I was terrified. Because knowing me and my body? Even if I did everything right I would be that ONE PERSON to actually like gain a couple lbs or something.
The diet ended last night.
Woke up this morning. Headed downstairs to stand on that dreadful little white box and read the numbers. And there it was.
I made sure the scale was adjusted to EXACTLY on zero, kept my head straight forward, closed my eyes, stepped on the box, centered myself, took a deep breath and...
7 POUNDS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a success!!!!!
Now onto the next couple weeks of dieting with my sister, and then weight maintenance to keep it off. Yes it was terrible. Yes the thought of doing it again is one of the worst ideas I could ever think of, but Yes, it worked, and Yes I am SO happy. And SO determined to keep it that way. Wish me luck on my endeavors! As my SparkPage heading explains, LET'S DO IT!!!
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    Thanks everyone! And yes you eat three pounds of meat, VERY SPECIFICALLY beef, for three days. Fish, poultry also can be used but they really stress that the more beef you eat the more you'll lose. So you eat 3 lbs of beef a day, any kind of beef, any kind of seasonings on the beef so long as it has no salt in it, (Mrs. Dash seasonings are saltless) but that's just because you need to control the level of salt you eat which is only 1/4 tsp a day. So, 3 lbs of meat, 1/4 tsp of salt max. Also as many GREEN veggies as you'd like except for peas, and half an orange with breakfast, the other half an orange before 6pm. Fat free vinaigrette dressings are allowed, so for one dinner I marinated the steak in fat free italian vinaigrette and then pepper and onion and garlic powder and it was actually quite delicious. No eating anything after 6 pm except water. Last thing is 80oz of water a day MINIMUM. That's more than eight glasses like sparkpeople, but only 10 so it's not TOO terrible. But you have to drink that. Also, you may have two cups of either tea or coffee in the morning. Unfortunately I have a terrible digestive system, so I ended up having to take laxative tea in order to get my stomach to move all of the meat out of my system haha. But in the end. It DID work... Maintain a healthy diet afterward and you can keep it off!
    1813 days ago

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  • JOHGLO2011
    Wow! That is ALOT of meat! I could not do that, but congrats on your weight loss! Best wishes to you!
    1818 days ago
    Holy! I couldn't do it. I think my heart would just revolt and stop pumping at about 2 lbs. 7 lbs lost though? That's awesome!!!! Good job!
    1818 days ago
    So, you eat 3 lbs of meat a day?
    1818 days ago
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