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Day 163 (Horsey news!!!! And Modified June Goals)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Spark World!!!

I know I haven't been blogging. And I am really working on getting on here and blogging at least 1x a week. I want to pull back from cyber world and concentrate on life! But I still want to blog to keep myself accountable.

After some consideration I have modified my June Goals a bit. I made them up pretty early so I would be able to tweak things if need be before the month came.

- Get 8 cups of water a day
- Eat half as much as I want to
- Get 400-500 fitness minutes a week
- Get 2 servings of fruit/veggies a day

I found out yesterday how important water really is! It was 88 degrees and I was riding I did get at least 4-5 cups of water in before the lesson but after I was soo dehydrated I was starting to get nauseous. I than drank 6-7 cups of water before I went to bed.

I really want to work on portion control. I have a hard time limiting the things I eat. So, slow and steady. I am just going to eat half as much as I want to. I always eat past my hunger pains. For some reason my mind doesn't work that way. But last night when I was eating dinner I wanted to clear my plate. Then in my head I reminded myself... "Only half as much as I want to"... And for some reason that clicked better and I just took one more bite stopped ordered more water and drained the glass... maybe this will be a better strategy for me?

Getting the 2 fruits/veggies is a little easier. I tend to eat them as snacks when I feel like munching anyway. Honestly, I eat way more fruit than I do veggies. They are just easier for me to get to. But when I eat I try to make it a point to find something with some kind of veggie in it... Small steps lol

Now the work out portion. I lowered the range from 500 minutes a week to 400-500. I realized that some weeks I have a hard time getting to 500. But I could definitely make 400. So instead of setting myself up to be disappointed I made a range instead of a specific number.

For the Horsey News!!!

I had a riding lesson last night since I am not going to be able to make the Sunday lesson. My trainer put me on the horse I will be leasing in June. His name is King Arthur! He is a big, beautiful, sweet, horse. Not that he is particularly tall, maybe 16 - 16.2 hands (4 inches = 1 hand), but he is wide! He is part draft horse (working horse, the one's that pull carriages or plows etc) so he is stocky with big feet! He is gorgeous. I didn't take pictures because I was excited as a little school girl! But I am going on Wednesday to work him out on my own time so I will have a few pictures to post! I chose Wednesdays and Sundays to ride him. He is very different than the horses I am used to riding... For starters he actually goes to horse shows. He uses double reins which are really weird to get used to, I am still not really used to it. Second, when he jumps if I don't keep my hands down he launches himself over the jumps... which can really throw off your balance since he is so big! I have what I call "retarded left leg". Contrary to popular belief horseback riding has very little to do with your hands, it is all about the legs baby! And for some reason my left leg doesn't like to work as hard as my right one! And this horse drifts left, which means if I don't apply left leg he will go right passed the jump!!! My trainer laughed at me (after yelling at me lol) because for the rest of the lesson I kept saying out loud "Left leg, left leg, left leg", but she was happy because it worked! This horse is great, he will get rid of that bad habit of mine. That's the good thing about switching up the horse you ride, each one will make a different bad habit more noticeable so you can fix it.

Thanks for reading my blog.... and CONGRATS to anyone who actually read the horsey news part lol!

It's going to be a beautiful weekend and I am going to be busy swimming and BBQing... Its going to be great! Good luck and have fun!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I found the horsey news fascinating! MORE please! LOL!

    Good that you are setting specific goals with water intake and exercise! Stick with it and you will do fine. After you are on program for a while, everything just seems to make more sense! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1834 days ago
  • KNH771
    I didn't realize that you actually JUMPED horses! That would scare me half to death! As far as the portion control goes, I find it really helpful to both use a smaller plate, and put a smaller amount of food on it to begin with... for example, if I was going to have a slice of pizza or a chicken breast, I'd cut it in half before I ever put it on my plate and leave the other half in the kitchen. There's a lot of research that says that just having more in eye sight causes you to eat more. I find if I leave half the serving in the kitchen, I almost never go back for more.
    1840 days ago
  • WATERDIAMONDS nice that you have a horse who, by nature, will help you strengthen a weaker leg! How serendipitous is that????

    Second, modifying your goals. Perfect. If you didn't think to do so from time to time, you might need to be a bit concerned about being a perfectionist--you know, someone who throws out her entire program because it doesn't work out exactly as she designed it.

    No doubt, all of need a full restart sometimes. But most of us can benefit from exactly what you've done here: modification of an existing plan.

    Great job.

    And have fun with King Arthur (yeah, I read the horsey part!)
    1843 days ago
  • KD7IEM
    emoticon emoticon
    1843 days ago
    emoticon no horse emoticons unfortunately, a really big dog is the closest I can get. Actually, my parents have Great Danes and the male is nearly as big as a small pony.

    I firmly believe it is more about how much you eat and not what you eat. I never cut out any foods but I kept good control of portion sizes when I was losing the weight.
    1843 days ago
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