Day 344: But, I want to be a Cheetah!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well, guys, I've had a very deeply philosophical past few days.

I have my first Half Marathon since Pittsburgh this Saturday and I'm spending a lot of time thinking about what that means. Mostly, though, I'm dwelling on what I hope to accomplish with this race and what my goals are for this particular outing.

Confession time: I have totally slacked since the Pittsburgh Half. I go to bed on Friday nights thinking I'll get up and go for the SCRRC runs.. and then I sleep in. I guess I haven't -completely- slacked, since thanks to a friend from the club I've managed to get into the habit of an early pre-work few miles. I've also been biking to work 2-3 days a week with the aim of getting in between 10-15 miles after. And the hiking..

Well, all of that activity, while awesome, isn't the same as putting in miles on pavement. My last couple of runs I've been completely wrapped up in my own head. It's been baaaad.

And now is where I reel myself in a little. I think about, what do I want to do this weekend?

I want to finish.

I want to show that Pittsburgh wasn't a one-time thing.

I want to remind myself how absolutely amazing it feels to cross a finish line and to accomplish that goal.

I need to be reminded that right now I'm half way to my goal of a full marathon coming up in October.

On the same token, well, I have to admit I want to run faster than Pittsburgh. I averaged about a 13 minute pace when you just look at mileage (it was probably lower on most miles given the walk I took up the Birmingham Bridge...) I was looking at what my Garmin captured from the Boston Trail Half (which, as you recall, it died before I finished.) Between miles 1 and seven I was averaging 12 minutes. Hell, on mile 6 I was all the way down to 11:30! Holy Negative Split, Batman! (For non-runners, a negative split is when you run your following mile faster than the previous one. It's hard to do sometimes! -coughcough-always-coughcough-

I'm just hoping all the cross training (swimming, biking, hiking) has helped build up my stabilizing muscles and that the hip-knee pain I had in the past stays a distant memory.

Still, you're probably wondering about the title of my blog.

I do, like so many other people, want to be one of the Cheetahs. The Fastholes. The people who run naturally quickly and at a pace that has them doing a full marathon in the time it takes me to do a half. The amazing runners. Now, I know no amount of training will ever get me there. It's not in my genes. What I do want, though, is to get closer to an 11 minute mile than a 12. I got a lot of advice in a post I made on the club's forum; but, these are people who found results that took off 20-30 seconds. They're already fast. I feel like most of them don't know what it's like to be slow!

I've just got to work harder. That's the crux of it.

And be a turtle painted with cheetah spots. After all, they run their races and I run mine. I don't need to be faster than everyone else, my age group, or my gender. I just need to be the fastest version of me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    All we can really hope to be is the best version of ourselves! It's a great attitude for.. everything! In fact, I have that same attitude towards cosplay XD I will never look like X character, but I can look like the best version of me in that costume possible. Or.. at least I work towards it!

    2329 days ago
    There are natural athletes in this world. Just a fact. All the rest of us can be is the our personal best. You have the right frame of mind to really succeed! emoticon emoticon
    2329 days ago
    "The fastest version of me". Exactly right.
    2329 days ago
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