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Settling Down

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We seem to be settling into a routine. Summer is very happy to be #1 dog. She has the run of the house. She sleeps with us at night and isn't nearly as anxious as she was when Syd was still with us. As I think back, we were so afraid of Syd getting hurt that we kept shoving Summer out the door or into rooms when we tried to move Syd around.

I have to mention, which I didn't before, Syd had a fantastic last weekend. She laid in the sun, went for walks and actually chewed her bone for over an hour Sunday night. She hadn't done that in a long time. She had basically stopped eating her food by then. I hand fed her and she had a couple of bites. On Monday, she was part of the party for quite a while. She said hi to everyone and kept walking around. She actually tried to run to greet people who were outside. I had my son take her upstairs hoping she would rest. She refused and we found her almost to the bottom of the steps. She had made it herself. Sydney finally gave in when everyone sat down to eat. She kind of put an end to everyone feasting, but, frankly, I think they had eaten enough. The food was about gone. Nothing like a Kraus party...

The one thing we didn't think about during the Summer introductions were the cats. We were so focused on Sydney that we no thought to the cats. Fonzie has his nose really out of joint and, I think, Roxie actually likes Summer, but she can't let Fonzie know that so we are working on it and things are getting quieter.

All in all, everyone is adjusting. Summer and I go for walks every day. She has become my companion. She will never replace Syd, but boy she is a much easier dog. She has no baggage, loves people, actually loves the cats and just loves being alive.

I am so grateful that I followed my gut and got Summer before we lost Syd or this house would be unbearable.

Work got really busy again so that is good. We are getting back into a routine.
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