Didn't Binge!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yesterday was a trial for me. emoticon

I wrote 2 blogs in one day and it STILL wasn't enough!

Added to the vacation catch-up workload & dd drama later that day I had Dad (DF?) drama. emoticon

It was past 5, I was still pounding away at my work, his asst'd living nurse called and told me he was having 'uncontrolled bladder issues', that his apt was smelling, he seemed a bit confused and they contacted his dr who wanted him to come in for a lab test.

The smelly apt caught my immediate attn cuz my dad was a Marine in WWII South Pacific. Everything he has & does is VERY neat & orderly. emoticon

So I dropped everything and jumped in my car and raced over to his place (~2 miles). I had called him so he was pleased we were going to get labs done so fast and waiting in the lobby. He likes to take care of stuff IMMEDIATELY. emoticon Guess that's where I got it from.....

Got to lab 30 min before closing. Got dad situatuated with check-in, lab cup and in men's room. (He has trouble walking/standing so uses walker/wheel chair). Stood outside door and waited patiently thinking this would be a quick trip.



Bladder not cooperating. Lab closed so we went home. Tomorrow would be another day.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Walked dad to his apt. Opened doors & windows. Turned on AC. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Did laundry. Took out trash. Got it shipshape again. emoticon emoticon

By then it was 7:30 and I was a bit hungry. Luckily I had left cheese sticks in his refer, so had one.

Got home and 11 yr dd was snarky cuz I wouldn't take her to the phone store. Didn't engage. Felt pulled to refer, opened it and looked, looked, looked emoticon wanting to gobble, gobble, gobble my feelings away.

Firmly closed the door, went upstairs, showed, got in bed and read my book for an hour.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

NO BINGE!!!!! YAY!!!!! emoticon
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