Lessons from the Little Ones

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kids are enthusiastic about life, eager to learn, and curious about everything. Even though kids still have a lot to learn, just observing them can teach us many practical life lessons.Here are just a few.

– For better or worse, kids do not plan a thing they do. They live spontaneously, taking in every uncertain moment for all it’s worth. It would be foolish to say that proper time management and planning is unnecessary in adulthood. However, it would also be foolish to ignore all the opportunities that spontaneously present themselves at unplanned instants throughout our lifetime.

Kids are never concerned with their lack of qualifications. If they have never done something before, they are eager to test the waters. If they fail, they brush themselves off and take another stab at it .

– Kids exercise all the time, not because it’s healthy, but because it’s fun. They participate in sports, climb trees, play tag, etc. For some reason we forget that exercise can be fun. It’s just a matter of finding an active, healthy activity we actually enjoy doing.

A child’s mind is wide open to all the world has to offer-be open to new experiences & opportunities.

Mistakes are often gateways to new experiences and educational growth.

Kids observe the people around them with enthusiastic intensity. They typically mimic the actions that work and ignore the ones that don’t. As we grow older we tend to become less observant, instead relying solely on formal instruction for expanding our skill set. We forget how well we learned when we were young by simply observing others.

Kids harness their imagination to discover new things about both themselves and the world around them. It is our imagination that drives both our dreams and our curiosity to chase them.

Kids wear their feelings all over their face, visible for all to see. You never have to guess as to whether they are happy, sad, angry or indifferent. Adults, on the other hand, conceal their feelings from others, making it much more difficult to read their reaction and determine how they feel. Openly expressing your feelings makes communication easier and maintains sincerity in your life.

Kids don’t need a bunch of best selling toys in order to enjoy themselves. Put a kid in a puddle and watch him cheerfully splash around. Give a kid permission to chase the cat around the house for a couple minutes, the giggles will be contagious. Or just tickle a kid until he is beet red from laughter. All of these are simple pleasures that children love to partake in. It should serve as a reminder that some of the best things in life are free.

Have a great day & let your spark shine!

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