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Weight gain - not eating enough and I am exercising

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's hard to wrap my head around the concept that 1200 - 1500 calories is not enough to eat when I'm working out as much as I am! Plus, I'm gaining muscle (it's visible) so weight loss won't be fast....but to gain 3 lbs? That's depressing! However, I k ow what I've been eating and while I am within my calorie range of 1500 - 1800, it's not quality calories I'm eating...

My other complaint here is that SP doesn't really help you choose your calorie range, it seems to be self chosen! Originally it was at 1200 - 1500 but I knew that wasn't enough when I burned 1000 calories exercising and there was no change to my calorie range! So I went to change it and its just a spot to enter your own. That's crazy! I have to find the formula to calculate my BMR...when I'm exercising I should be eating over 2000 calories (it was a crazy number for weight loss while exercising)...

However, I love the community here! It is so helpful to read people's blogs and connect with others who may be in the same boat or have different struggles or who have great goals or who have reached milestones!

So my intention this morning was to talk about the love I feel on SP and how I get Geary eyes when I read the comments supporting my work to be a fitter healthier me...but then I weighed myself!

I should never have replaced my dead battery! But, I know how this works (for me, anyway)...my body was born to be muscular, it adapts rapidly to exercise and my fat weight will quickly be muscle weight...I just hope that some of that weight actually goes down this time! It IS discouraging to have fantastic changes to my body and then see no change on the scale...in 1998 I exercised for 3 months straight, ate healthy dropped from size 20 to size 13 with no change in the scale...but ...but....but what? Why are we so focused on the scale? We know muscle is heavy...so what do I want? Low weight on the scale and be weak? Or no change and be strong? I'm about the STRONG? I want to be able to do my fair share of hard work!

So I need to change the quality of my calories and return to very very light suppers! I'm not really hungry at the end of the day, why would I need a big traditional supper when a nice light one will do?

I will confess, I have had a lot of junk this week...our CEO may be dropping by for a visit as she is flying out this way...very stressful at work! But, oh well! I know what I have to do...throw out the scale! No more weighing myself until next month (as in 30 days from now)...I will focus on exercising, meditating, and eating good calories with the occasional treat (total deprivation is unrealistic!)

This was a long blog! Thank you to anyone who read it all! I appreciate that! Good luck to you and thanks for your support!
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    I'm losing size and not pounds....it'll all come together....
    2300 days ago
  • ADZY86
    I'm exactly lik e you! I can drop dress sizes and put ON weight! I've completely stopped weighing myself now...I'm talking, I've not stepped on the scale since February. And I feel AMAZING! People are telling me how slim I'm looking, I actually LIKE my body now and I can see how much I've changed, how strong I am, how fit I am, how my clothes are literally hanging off me now. But any bet that number on the scale would be the same or higher! Nah, I'm not even going to go there. You know what works for you so keep going. Ditch that scale and do your thang!
    2301 days ago
    Good luck with your journey! I agree with loosing the flour products! I also feel you need to follow the recommended calories if you want to loose. Your body goes into starvation when you cut out too much and you end up with the hungries that cause you to eat the wrong food and too much. Read up on Gherlin and leptine enzymes to understand what happens scientifically. Your body needs energy to metabolize the fat.

    Everyone starts out slow as the body takes a while to adapt to the changes. There are protective mechanisms in our body that take place to make sure we do not die when food is limited. They help keep your weight the same or add weight depending on what you are eating. Your body slows down in metabolism when you starve and then you gain weight on very little food. Once the body see's what you are doing consistently it will allow for weight reduction.

    I was struggling to loose for several months as I wanted it gone and fast! It's taken me longer than normal to knock off what I thought would be easy. I just needed to loose 30 lbs. but in my stubborness it took more time. I am loosing really fast now that I am eatting better. I just have 1 more lb to go! emoticon emoticon
    2301 days ago
    What helps me for weight loss is to pretty much completely cut out flour. It is addictive, plus calories that seem to go strait to my fat cells. Plus, when I cut out flour, it is amazing how many "good things" I eat instead.

    Remember that three pounds not only may reflect muscle mass, but also water retention, depending on where you're at in your cycle.

    Be encouraged! Good luck with your stress at work... Remember (and this is for me, too) not to try to EAT your stress to get rid of it. It doesn't work. :) My waist-line is proof that eating your emotions is really just taking them out of your emotional life (that can be dealt with in a number of ways) and is putting them on your body, which must be dealt with on a physical level.

    Have a good day today.
    2301 days ago
  • AEROGIRL1594
    It seems like you have good goals set for the following month, and maybe putting away the scale for awhile will be good for you. Along with Sparkpeople I use an app for my iphone called mynetdiary. You can get it for any type of smart phone and you can also use it on the computer. It tells you the exact number of calories you should be eating for your goal weight, and the calories you consume change based on when you enter the calories you have burned for the day through exercise. I find it to be a very useful tool. Good luck reaching your goals!
    2301 days ago
    seems like you know what to do and what works for you and what doesnt!!
    2301 days ago
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