who is Jennieonfire?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who is Jennieonfire?
That¡¦s a good question, I have been recently asking myself to call upon that answer. I haven¡¦t quite figured everything out but I like the direction I am headed in. I am a little bit of mystery, adventure and spontaneous laughter. I find myself most happy at enjoying the small simple things in life; walking/jogging with the puppy, going to cocktail parties, meeting new people, creating myself. This is what this journey is all about, creating yourself and finding yourself. There is always times when we doubt our ability to be better, focused and motivated. The important thing is not giving up, pushing forward and showering in your successes (literally go ahead dance in the rain!). I am happy, I mean it. I haven¡¦t had time to sit and dwell on my emotions but this is it, happiness. No there is no boy (I¡¦ll keep kissing frogs), but I am just happy being where I am doing what I am at the moment. It suits me. Live life to the fullest, push forward, give more when you want to give up!

(yay for encouragement)

On a side note lots of fun things are happening for me, my birthday is this coming weekend and my lovely college friends are staying with me to do some site seeing, take lots of crazy pictures and hopefully go dancing ƒº . I was also convinced by my guy best friends that I needed more pictures for my online dating profile so I figured I¡¦ll share them with you guys. I actually took some full body shots and was ok with how they came out, I¡¦m not perfect but I love who I am. He (the future) will have to love me the way I am too. I also had my yearly physical and it actually went great no yelling about my weight (because I have lost) everything looks fine. My blood pressure was slightly elevated so unfortunately I temporarily have to try out bp pills but as I continue to lose weight I can be weened off them (hopefully). Anyone else have that same problem?
Keep those endorphins going!

I almost fell down the stairs in one of the pics but app it looked super cute so I had to replicate it :)

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