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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wow - I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged!

Every time you all don't see me for a while, it's not that I've given up, or have been "gone" and now I'm "back". I don't consider myself GONE unless I'm giving up and telling everyone sayonara I'm quitting spark, which I don't think I'll EVER do, so no worries! I just don't get on here every day like I used to, and for me, that's a good thing. I'd get on here and read and post (which is great don't get me wrong) but then I'd end up floating around the internet for long periods of time and in that way created a bit of a negative impact for me. Lately I've been so busy with different things that I can go a week without touching the computer. And while I miss my sparkfriends and miss knowing what's going on with everyone, it's also been nice to have technology breaks and just living life and not worrying about tracking and weight.

I am still in my ever-present search for balance. Either way, whether you are tracking or just trying to be mindful and in tune with your body and what your body wants and how much it wants/needs, as I am, you need focus. You need to be aware of what you are doing and respond to it. Whether it's noting what you eat and tracking it, or being aware when you sit down to eat and slow down and pay attention to your body. And I've not been feeling very focused lately. I am not going to weigh myself until I feel I'm making progress LOL. I'm sure over the last couple weeks I've put on some weight and I'm working to get back in control, get back into healthy habits and routines then see where I'm at.

So why haven't I been focused or in a routine? Well, first off you all mostly know about my crazy schedule with volunteering at the library on Wednesdays, cleaning at my grandmother-in-laws a few times a month, working at my hubby's family business a couple days a week, etc etc. It's not that I'm busy all the time, I just don't have a set schedule which is hard for me. Already it was a bit hard to focus, then last weekend (not this past one)we had family come to town (my hubby's sister and her kids, etc) and one of the "kids" (16 years old) is staying with us for the rest of the summer and working at the family business. So I now have a teenage boy in the house - quite an adjustment! :) Also last week I watched my friends kid just to help while her daycare was on vacation. So that was another adjustment, kind of doing daycare again for a week. I also got to see 2 new babies in the family - a new niece and one of the older nephews had a baby, a boy. What relation does that make it? when your niece or nephew has a kid? and what is it for my son, when his cousin has a kid? I never understood all of that 1st cousin, second cousin, the "removeds" like twice removed...My grandma knew all of that LOL Anyway..... So there's been a lot going on and this past weekend we also had a birthday party and graduation party on the same day.

BUT...Things should settle down and I'm already working out more than I was. I miss feeling the muscle tone in my thighs LOL. I've been doing zumba a lot because I just can't beat the calorie burn/time ratio. But I think I might start getting up early before my husband and nephew leave for work and go for walks/runs/ bike rides (so then my son can stay sleeping and I can get a good workout in, unlike if I tried to take him with somehow) and hopefully some walks or bike rides in the evenings, and for midday some strength or various dvd cardio workouts. Not all on the same day every day, but just wherever and whenever I can get some workouts in. Oh, so why are things settling down? Well, this Wednesday is the last week of my volunteering at the library every week. I'm still involved, but not on a regular basis. Now they are starting the summer reading program in two weeks so we'll probably still go, but I am not the one doing it and don't have to prep anything so that's nice. And if we don't make it to one, no big deal. Also I'm going to start working more regularly at the family business, probably thursdays and fridays and put my son in daycare again (same place as when he was a baby) so I can work full days(right now I'm only doing 1/2 days). But right now I'm only doing it 2 days a week so I can still be home with him most of the time :) I'm not going to put him in daycare full time unless I really had to, which I won't haha. So that will help with a regular schedule. I'm going to have to get up early two days a week to go to work and take him to daycare so that's why I'm thinking the other days of the week I'll still get up early, stay on a schedule, but use the time to workout. It's so freaking bright so early in the morning that it shouldn't be a problem :) As always food is still the struggle but I'm working on it. I never give up, I'm like the energizer bunny. I'll just keep going and going. I'm learning a lot about myself and this struggle so I have faith I'll get where I want to go and I'm trying to do what feels right for me so I believe I'm doing it in the way that it's supposed to happen for me.

Anyway, hope to hear from some of you, hope everything is going well. I'm sure this is super long by now so I'll stop. Hope to be on a bit more often, but it won't be every day, and I'm okay with that :) Maybe once a week or so?

Anyway have a great healthy week/month/summer! :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    wow, reading what you makes me tired, but you sound busy enough to stay on TRACK and that is awesome.

    way to go!
    1785 days ago
    You are soooooooo busy - Phew! I'm tired reading the blog. Great getting in your workouts when you can and the next step will come when you are ready. You are doing such a great job reaching out to your family too - and the 16 year old teenager in the house now! Good luck with that. It will give you practice for when you little one is older LOL. Have a great week. We'll catch up again in a few weeks. I need to blog a bit more often as well but I too am not on here every day. Summer is too short and I'm on the computer at work all day that is the last thing I want to do at night too. Peace my friend!
    1785 days ago
    Nice to hear from you! You sound well! Busy, but busy is good! Thanks for commenting on my blog! It is easy to let time get away from me and before I know it, a week has flown by. It is hard to keep up with everyone and everything! I am still trying to find some motivators. I am thinking of scheduling a family photo appt and maybe that will push me in the right direction. I wish you luck! I know you can do it! Take care!
    1785 days ago
    Glad to see you. Don't think I've seen you on since I came back to SparkPeople about a month ago. Sounds like you've had a lot going on lately. Hopefully things will settle down and you can get into a routine. I find that routine is pretty crucial to this whole process.

    As for your distant relations, if your niece/nephew has a child, that makes you the child's Great Aunt. And if your child's cousin has a child, the child is YOUR child's second cousin. So if your nephew had a baby, you are now a great aunt and your son now has a second cousin.
    1786 days ago
    I never could follow those distant relation connections! Glad you are doing well and settling into a little bit of a routine. You just need to do what works for you, whatever that may be.
    1786 days ago
  • CC3833
    Nice that everything is going well! I'm glad you are becoming really involved in your extended family. I bet it will be fun for your son to go to daycare a couple times a week just to play with the other kids. I am also working on not being sooo active on SP. I'm thinking maybe I could blog on Monday and Friday? Idk we will see. I am 9 pounds down! Its creeping off slowly but at least it's not going up! Good luck on your journey! Hopefully you could do the once a week thing!
    1787 days ago
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